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Please give me appreciative online reviews to help me reach more people who could benefit from my services.

Do you want to tell the world something good about massage you've received from me, or  classes you've taken from me?  

Please leave me a review on Yelp or Facebook.  Thank you in advance for helping me this way.

how to give me anonymous feedback and suggestions for improvement

Please use the links below to leave me anonymous feedback about massage sessions you've received from me or about  massage classes you've taken for me. 

I provide this opportunity because it can be hard for current or past clients/students to give critical input to their massage practitioner or to an instructor (or really anyone for that matter). However, it really is this significant input that can help us improve our work.

Receiving clearly expressed, critical input helps me become a better practitioner, teacher and human being! If you have any advice, suggestions or even new and creative ideas that you want to share with me regarding my massage or my massage courses that might not be appropriate in a public review, please email me directly or leave me completely anonymous input here.

Anonymous Feedback about MASSAGE sessions
 To provide me private reflections about my bodywork and massage, click here.

Anonymous Feedback about CLASSES and WORKSHOPS
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how to respond to me personally

email me here   If you wish to speak with me by phone, please email me to set up a phone appointment.

Mahalo a  malama pono ~ thank you and take good care.

Barbara Helynn Robles