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chest & breast massage

The comments below describe benefits that people, both male and female, have received from having their chest and breast therapeutically massaged by myself and other massage therapists. 


Full Chest/Breast Massage:  massage of the full chest and breast.  This may included strokes in  which the therapist's flat hand and/or forearm pass over the center of the chest where the nipple or areola is located with consistent firm yet gentle pressure.

Integrative Chest/Breast Massage: chest and breast massage within a full body, wellness massage session in which the chest and breasts are massaged as a natural part of the body, along with their back, their bottom, their arms, their legs, their belly, their neck & head, and their hands & feet.

Treatment Focused Chest/Breast Massage: treatment for specific physical maladies such as neck, shoulder or rib injuries, scar tissue, breathing challenges such as asthma, lactation problems, recovery from breast reduction or breast augmentation procedures, swelling related to their cycles, cancer related problems, and lymphedema. 

public comments
about how chest & breast massage has helped people

Barbara is amazing and offers a service that is absolutely unique, respectful, and so necessary for my condition - I had open heart surgery and have had 3 breast augmentations/reconstructive plastic surgeries and I have received so much relief from Barbara's chest massage and therapeutic methods.

~ A.W., female, about full chest/breast massage within wellness/treatment massage

As a massage therapist and instructor who specializes in breast cancer and breast health, this subject is near and dear to my heart.

Breast massage is extremely beneficial in many ways;
1. Most importantly, full breast massage is crucial for the healthy function of the lymphatic system. Regular breast massage that includes the nipple will help keep the client’s lymphatic system drained of toxins and help protect and maintain both men and women’s immunity and general health.
2. The nipples are part of the breast. Though not massaged independently, they should not be excluded to allow a thorough lymphatic drainage.
3.Full breast massage helps increase blood circulation which helps keep the breast tissue healthy, and relieve pain and swelling.
4. Full chest and breast massage opens up the chest and encourages deep breathing and healthy respiration.
5. It helps with the resiliency of the musculoskeletal system located underneath the breast tissue which then help with keeping the breast firm.
6. Regular breast massage is an excellent way for the practitioner to get familiar with the clients’ breast and they can be alert should any changes occur.

~ Eeris, female, breast massage educator,

about  full chest/breast massage within wellness/treatment massage

 I trust Barbara to massage my chest and breasts. I feel safe in her hands. I need this experience of safe touch of a tender and vulnerable area of my body. I envision chest and breast massage being available to any of us who choose to benefit from it.

~ G.B., female, about full chest/breast massage within wellness/relaxation massage

Barbara Helynn Heard has been my massage therapist for many years. When I developed breast cancer at age 43 she was able to help me provide positive and nurturing signals to my body to counter the damage cancer treatment inflicted on me.

Before my partial mastectomy I made a special visit to Barbara to prepare my body for the trauma. Her healing touch allowed me to stay connected to my body and aided in the healing process during a very difficult time. The full contact with the breast area is integral to the bodywork she does and it has always been done with the utmost professionalism.

~ A.D., female, about full chest/breast massage within wellness/treatment massage

Today I had my first massage with Barbara Helynn having experienced Lomi Lomi previously overseas. She gave me a phenomenal full body massage which was both relaxing and functional / therapeutic. She included my chest and breast area (after asking permission), as other Lomi Lomi practitioners I have seen do. It was a completely integral, normal part of the massage - just as beneficial and expert as the rest of my treatment. Thank you Barbara!

~ L.H., female, about full chest/breast massage within wellness massage

The first time I had a massage with Barbara - I was asked whether I would like to include my chest and breasts and I answered in the affirmative and have allowed its inclusion since, in all my massage sessions. For me it completes the entire experience.

I feel more open and expansive in an extremely safe environment. Often we don't realize where we are holding pain. The chest and breasts are part of our bodies. Why should they be left out of the massage when the person to whom the breasts and chest belong says that "it's OK" ?

I have become that much more comfortable with myself and find that I am holding less and less pain, particularly in my breasts, which I would never have realized...had it not been for having them massaged.

~ G.H., female, about full chest/breast massage within wellness massage

"I have been receiving full chest/breast massage on a regular basis as a part of my full body massage for over a year now, and all my experiences have been very positive. When chest/breast massage is included in my full body massage I feel like I can breathe easier and deeper, and because of that, I am able to relax my body and mind on a much deeper level. I’m so grateful this is an option for me, especially from someone who is so trustworthy and professional."

~ Clarissa, female about full chest/breast massage within wellness massage

"The full breast/chest massage I receive allows all my anterior and lateral chest musculature to experience all the basic benefits of massage that the REST of my body experiences every time I get a treatment. This is quite obviously overdue as part of any total massage protocol. I am only sad that my own learning curve on this is as slow as it is, given the unwieldy cultural taboo of it all. Thank you for listening." 

~ S.E.A., female, about full chest/breast massage within wellness massage

"When you massage my chest, I feel my heart opening."

~ Andy, male, about full chest/breast massage within wellness massage

"Breast massage is amazing. Particularly relevant to breast tissue, it's the only area that has caused an emotional release of tears for me."

~ R.M., female, full integrative chest/breast massage within wellness/treatment massage

"I love the holistic and nurturing nature of Barbara's work. I especially appreciate the way that she integrates my full chest, stomach, sides and even my armpits into my massage. I feel completely met, respected and thoroughly treated. I would really be disappointed if someone told me that I could not receive this type of massage in the future."

~ J.L., male, about full chest/breast massage within wellness massage

"Before I began receiving massage from my massage therapist, I couldn't even imagine letting anyone touch my breasts, much less massaging them!  Now a massage feels incomplete to me unless my whole body is touched: back, buttocks, arms & legs, hands & feet, belly, chest & breasts, neck and head."   

~ Linda, female, about integrative chest/breast massage within wellness/treatment massage

"A few years ago I had a painful, deep biopsy in one of my breasts. It happened rapidly after one of those scary "found a lump" scenarios. Almost before I had time to think, I was in the OR. Fortunately, it was found to be an irregularly shaped cyst and I knew in my head I was all right. The incision had gone straight down through my breast, which was bruised, hard and swollen, and had a fair bit of nerve irritation.

Two weeks later there wasn't much relief and I still hadn't thought about getting breast massage (you tell me why?). In the third week I booked an appointment, asking for breast massage and neck work, since my neck was also sore from the intubation. Within the first five minutes of treatment, I felt the sense of frozen apprehension begin to leave me; as the treatment progressed, I could feel my neck, shoulders and jaw let go of a terrified holding I wasn't really conscious was still stuck in my body.

The first breast massage was simple and soothing; after this first session my symptoms improved by approximately 50%. Four breast treatments in three weeks were enough to restore normal softness and circulation to the breast tissues and healing proceeded quickly and uneventfully."

~ Debra Curties, female, breast massage educator in Canada, about specific treatment breast massage

quote from  this  online article by Debra Curties


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