chest & breast massage:
my personal story

I first experienced having my full chest and breasts included in a wellness focused, full body massage when I was in college more than 40 years ago. This transformative experience is seared in my memory, reinforced by similar massages I have received since then. Massages which integrate skillfully done, full chest massage are consistently my favorite, most enjoyable, and most physically, emotionally and spiritually powerfully healing massages.

Here's why:

Receiving massage in this way consistently helps me to feel connected with my own inner and outer light,  with my own love and beauty, and with God.  I rest in this experience of safety, and of awareness that my entire body is good enough, and indeed all of me is good enough, just the way I am.

I painted this painting in the 1980s to reflect the radiating love I experienced in a massage.

Lying still, receiving freely given touch that is tender yet neutral and asks for nothing from me in return, I get that my body is innocent.  It's an innocence that was there before anything happened and is still there and has been there all along.  I don't need permission to exist.  It's OK that I have the feelings that I have.  It's OK that I have the thoughts that I have.   It's OK that I have the body that I have.

This special massage eases and releases lumps which sometimes settle in my throat when I feel frustrated, scared, irritated, upset or anxious.  This massage opens the way for me to more easily speak my truth. Full chest/breast massage has been a precious a  transformative gift for me. 

I am committed to keeping full chest and breast massage legal here in WA, and in other states as well. Please click here to sign my petition.


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