I offer a mentorship program for massage therapists who have experienced massage from me, and who wish to develop the skills I share. This program is intended to be a 4 year progression to which you commit a year at a time.  You will do as many of the activities listed below each year as you are able tor.

First Step

Attend the Awareness Massage Lomilomi Foundations class and submit your completed case study documentation to me. 

How to Formally apply:

Email me your request to initiate a mentorship relationship.  Clearly tell me why you are drawn to this work.  We will then meet in person to finalize our agreement.  This visit may include giving/receiving lomilomi sessions.

 mentorship program activities

  • Receive 2-12 lomilomi sessions from me each year.
  • Attend monthly tutorial sessions with me.  When I feel you are ready, I will teach you additional advanced techniques which I do not teach in any of my regular classes.
  • Take as many Awareness Massage classes as you are able to.
  • Attend movement classes on your own, such as: hula, tai chi, yoga, Pilates, Somatics.
  • Attend communication and/or self-growth classes on your own, or participate in talk therapy session.
  • Hawaiian culture: attend cultural events and/or read relevant materials.
  • Receive email and phone support from me as needed.