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MY MASSAGE PRACTICE HAS BEEN CLOSED since mid March 2020 due to safety risks associated with Covid-19.  I hope to reopen at some as yet unknown time in the future, perhaps late 2021???

Click here to view a list of massage practices in the Olympia area which are open during the Covid-19 pandemic. 


my rates

DEEP YET GENTLE LOMILOMI SESSION: This full body massage is done with a wellness focus while also addressing problem areas.  The session last up to 2 hours which includes about 90 minutes of hands on massage, plus up to 30 minutes time to begin and end the session.   Click here for full description.

  • Full price is $100, paid for at time of service.
  • Sliding scale available, with a minimal payment of $25.  Please pay as much as you are able.
  • Cash or check only please; credit cards not accepted.

LUXURIOUS MASSAGE TREATMENT: The full body session lasts 2 to 2 1/2 hours and includes about 105-120 minutes of hands on massage, plus time to begin and end the session free of rush.  This massage is offered for return clients only.  Click here for full description.

  • $160, paid for at time of service
  • Cash or check only please; credit cards not accepted.
  • Sliding scale not offered.



PAYMENT:  I accept cash and check.  I do not accept payment by credit card.

INSURANCE?  I do not accept insurance.

IS THE OFFICE WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE?   No.  Awareness Massage is located in a private, single story home with two  steps leading to the front door, and with a small bathroom. The massage table is the traditional style with no hydraulic lift.

ADA COMPLIANCE  I offer in home service to clients who use wheel chairs, and who live within a mile of my office.  Please email me to arrange an appointment.

IS PARKING AVAILABLE?   Yes.  Click here for details.

SCHEDULE ONLINE: This is  the most efficient way to schedule an appointment with me.  Click here to access my online schedule system.

SCHEDULE BY EMAIL: To request a same day appointments, please email me via my contact page.  


MY EMAIL IS NOT ENCRYPTED.  By using this online scheduling program you authorize me, Barbara Helynn Heard, LMP, to transmit  information relating to scheduling of, and payment for, massage sessions you schedule with me by email or other electronic means, to you, without encryption or special security precautions.  There is some risk that emails and other electronic messages may be improperly acquired by hackers or received by unintended recipients.  If that happens, the information may be re-disclosed and no longer protected by privacy law.