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part 5: on being hawaiian


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Ua mau ke ea o ka 'aina i ka pono.

The very life, breath & spirit of the land endures in right relationship between people, nature & Spirit.

I received this list from the late  Papa Kepilino in a discussion on hooponopono which he led as part of a lomilomi workshop he taught.  We took turns reading the items, and we reflected on each one.  Papa gave me permission to share this list with others.


by Papa Kepalino


There are two ways of being 'Hawaiian'.  Both ways are based upon 'reality by agreement'  --  not natural reality. 

The first way is because of being born with Hawaiian blood.  The second way a person is Hawaiian is by practicing the following hooponopono code of being and doing. 

1.      Live, be and do ALOHA each and every day.

2.      Assist others anonymously and do not brag about it.

3.      Do not push another down to pull yourself up.

4.      Have the sensitivity and awareness to assist another without being asked.

5.      After assisting a person, thank them for allowing you the privilege of helping them - thereby experiencing good feelings for yourself.

6.      If a person injures you, forgive them.  Once you forgive, never raise the issue again.

7.      Do not make an agreement you cannot keep.  If you must break the agreement, get the person's permission first.

8.      If you injure another, apologize and never injure the person again.

9.      Before judging another, judge yourself.  Our viewpoint or opinion of another is a reflection of our self.

10.  Be considerate, sincere and humble.  Harmonize with nature.

11.  Respect and give thanks to the gifts of Ha (breath of life), persons, places, things, events, choices, and experiences.

12.  Know the difference between concepts and reality.  The concept of an experience is not the experience.  Language is a limited concept which cannot accurately describe the experience.  Be discreet in speaking.  Words are like feathers spread in the Pali (high) wind - they cannot be recovered.

13.  Accept yourself the way you are and are not.  Accept the way the other person is and is not.  Reality exists regardless of a person's acceptance or rejection of reality.

14.  Learn by paying close attention and observing accurately with your senses.

15.  Be patient.  Give time to kuka kuka (talk story) with others, especially elders and children.

16.  If a person shares anything with you, show your respect by accepting at least a little bit.  Don't' be greedy.  Be sure to thank the person for such kindness.

17.  Spend time in silence with the Ha. (breath, spirit)

18.  Before resolving any problem, create a context of aloha.

19.  Be like water, soft and preserving.  The tree which is strong and flexible lives longest.  The physical universe is a great kumu (source, teacher).

Thank you Papa Kepilino for sharing your guidance on ho'oponopono with me.


Barbara Helynn Robles

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