Hawaiian Massage: Lomilomi Sacred Touch of Aloha
text by R. Makana Risser Chai
photographs by John C. Kalani Zak

barbara helynn's recommendation

Hawaiian Massage: Lomilomi - Sacred Touch of Aloha is a feeling book which can easily be enjoyed in a single sitting.   A picture book with large print quotes, it invites the reader to linger and soak up the essence of lomilomi.   ahhhhh.........  ooooo……. haaaaa……

Hawaiian massage

The lovely photographs on every page are what first draw my attention as I flip through the pages.  My heart softly opens as my gaze takes in and my body feels the echoes of the people and the land pictured.  I slow down and expand.  Photographer John Kalani Zak has done a marvelous job capturing nuances and feeling!

In line with author Makana Risser Chai’s focus in life and in other material she has authored, this book integrates the voices, practices and wisdom of the past and the present. This fun filled book highlights both well-known current and "over the rainbow" Hawaiian practitioners of lomilomi. Many of the lomilomi practitioners featured are members of the Hawaiian Lomilomi Association. Many of the quotes in the book are from the 1800's and early 1900s.

Hawaiian Massage Lomilomi, Sacred Touch of Aloha is divided into sections which reflect special aspects of what makes lomilomi to be the full body, mind and spirit experience it is.

  • The Touch of Aloha - Lomilomi
  • Love of the Land - Aloha
  • Dance & Maritial Arts - Hula & Lua
  • Prayer - Pule
  • Loving Touch - Lomi Aloha
  • Breath – Ha
  • Work of the Hands - Hana Lima
  • Stomach Massage -  'Ōpū Huli
  • Treading - 'A'e
  • Hot Stones - Pōhaku Wela
  • Lomi Sticks - Lomi Lā'au
  • Foot Massage - lomi Wāwae
  • Salt Rubs - Lomi Pa'akai
  • Water Treatments - Wai Ola
  • Family Massage - 'Ohana Lomi
  • Learning Lomilomi - A'o
  • Forgiveness - Ho'oponopono
  • Sacred Touch - Lomilomi Kapu

I recommend for anyone who enjoys lomilomi or massage of any kind. And, this book makes a good gift for people who enjoy giving and/or receiving lomilomi.


Aloha pumehana,

Barbara Helynn Robles

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