I take delight in people's bodies

take delight....


In Dad's words, "Roses are an emblem of what people's lives need to be like in a world grown chill, numb, and brutal: strong, gentle, highly resistant, and invincible in love." ....and I'll add to his list, "Roses are so beautiful!! And so are we!!"

I share with you here the story of how I learned to take delight in the bodies of the people whom I touch using clinically focused Mana Lomi® massage, and how taking delight in bodies helps me to more effectively relieve  pain and help people move more easily.

One day my client spent the first 15 minutes of his session complaining about how his live in girlfriend and mother of his daughter didn't appreciate him. "Blah, blah, blah complain this.... blah, blah, blah complain that...."  I was getting pretty tired of what I labeled as his negative, blaming, rambling rant when something he said got through to me.  He said, "She services me, but she doesn't take delight in me".  My attention was caught with this comment, and I embraced it as a challenge.

I had been giving him massage using the very effective, deep yet gentle, Mana Lomi problem solving focus that I regularly use. In the instant that I heard his comment about his girlfriend not taking delight in him, I gave myself this challenge, "Fully take delight in this man's body for the entire remainder of the session."

The quality of my work immediately become more mindful and tender, and he immediately became quiet and settled into receiving the session. Not another word about his girlfriend, or anything else.....  We both became completely present  to our powerful shared yet also individual experiences of being awake and aware in our bodies. 

Although I was delighting in his body, I was also still using a Mana Lomi treatment focus.  I was still doing problem solving, clinical work, and very effectively so.   Loving touch and treatment massage can very well be done together!

This transformational session helped me to take the use of loving touch to a deeper level.

I invite us all to explore ways to  touch with more love, and especially so while practicing treatment focused massage.

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