chest & breast massage:
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 wellness focused chest & breast massage

"When I took my first full chest and breast massage class with Barbara Helynn Heard, I had an emotional release. I didn't cry. I got angry. I felt a welling up of grief that I didn't know I was carrying in my body.  I thought, "Why has no one ever touched me like this before? Why have my breasts been confined and sexualized and hidden from view and from touch!?"  Receiving full chest massage I felt a freedom that even now is hard to describe. Here is my whole self. Finally."    ~ Rachael Scott

"I also had the experience of feeling "more whole" when receiving that work. It's a tremendous gift to feel desexualized through touch."     ~Carrie Ackerman

See video of me applying massage to the chest/breast of a woman linked to  here.  I am the massage therapist shown in this video.

By encouraging easy breathing, releasing tension in the muscles and bones located in the chest, and encouraging healthy flow of blood and lymph, chest and breast massage can support overall physical wellness, as well as mental, emotional and spiritual well being.  It is effective as part of treatment protocol for shoulder and neck injuries.

I offer my clients the option of integrating breast and chest massage into all the full body, wellness focused sessions I give.

breast massage with a treatment focus

Breast massage can also effectively treat conditions such as scar tissue, lymphedema and other cancer related issues, recovery from mastectomy, recovery from breast reduction or breast augmentation procedures, problems with lactation, and swelling related to our cycles.

I treat some clients experiencing breast related maladies.  I also sometimes refer clients to massage therapists who specifically focus their work on treating problem conditions occurring in and around the breasts.

details about full chest & breast massage
within full body, wellness focused sessions

I am one of the few massage therapists who offer to include therapeutic massage of the full chest and breasts within full body, wellness focused massages we give our clients. If you, like many people, are unfamiliar with this practice, read on....

I offer this special massage option to all my clients because having my own full chest and breasts included in full body massages has been deeply healing, relaxing and emotionally transformative for me in ways that I haven't experienced in massages that avoid or skip over my full chest.

I am in my 60s, and many of my clients are 50-90 years old. Many of us are getting less touch than we did when we were younger.  Our need for compassionate touch is high, while our sex drives tend to be lower than they were in our younger years.  Many of us no longer experience the high level of modesty around our breasts that was common when we were younger. These characteristics make the full body massage I do which includes our full chests and breasts particularly beneficial for my older clients.

I first obtain your fully informed consent

The first time you receive massage from me I will explain to you before the massage begins what to expect during the session. I will tell you that I will massage your full body, potentially including all parts of the body other than the genitals.

I will tell you that you always have the right and the responsibility to direct me not to massage any part of your body which you prefer I avoid, and that I will, of course, comply with your direction.

In relation to massage of the chest & breasts, I will explain that you have the following options.

  • Full chest/breast massage in which your full chest & breasts are massaged with your full chest undraped. See detailed description below.
  • Partial chest massage in which just your chest muscles are massaged, with your breasts professionally draped. Touch to your breast tissue will be minimal as this massage focuses on the attachment sites of your chest muscles.  
  • No chest massage in which you decline any massage of your chest & breasts

specific informed consent for massage of full chest & breasts

Description of the work: I will explain that if you choose the option of having your full chest and breasts massaged, I will gently yet firmly push through and around your breast tissue to  apply pressure to the muscles deep to the breast tissue in order to release tension in your chest and ribcage and create ease for your breath.  (See videos below.)

I will tell you that this process involves:

  • undraping the chest
  • applying massage cream to the full chest & breasts
  • applying firm yet gentle strokes with my flat palm directly to the full chest and breasts with pressure primarily directed to the ribcage beneath the breast tissue. 

About the nipple: I will explain that while this massage does not include specific "nipple massage", my flat palm does apply strokes which pass over the full breast tissue and sometimes slide directly over the nipple. I will demonstrate this on my own fully clothed chest.

Supplemental consent form for both men and women:  If you choose the option of having your full chest and breasts massaged within your full body massage session, I will ask you to sign a form which explains the process and gives me permission to massage your full chest and breasts. 

Verbal consent will also be requested: If you are female and have consented to full chest and breast massage before the session begins, I will tell you that I will ask you again immediately before massaging your chest & breasts whether you would like your chest and breast massaged. I will tell you that I accept both "Yes" and "No" as equally valid answers.

Supporting public safety: This informed consent protocol is designed to support public safely by preventing incidents in which clients receive unwanted touch to their chests and breasts.

video showing full chest & breast massage

The video linked to here,  shows me applying massage to the full chest and breast of a woman, following the structure of her ribcage.  My flat handed and/or forearm passes over the full chest, full breasts included. 

The chest/breast portion of my full body massage session lasts 2-5 minutes within a 90 minute session, and usually comes toward the end of the session.  It is a small but important part of the  full session.

Although the video shows only a female receiver, the chest massage I do for men is very similar.

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