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PART 7: radiating Light


hula girls

Ua mau ke ea o ka 'aina i ka pono.

The very life, breath & spirit of the land endures in right relationship between people, nature & Spirit.

Radiating Light is another hooponopono practice I learned from  Shawn LaSala Kimmel, my first lomilomi teacher, and further developed in my studies with others.

In Shawn's lomilomi class many years ago we did a hooponopono exercise that helped me wake up.  I have no idea whether I correctly remember the details of this exercise or whether I have made them up to fit the lesson I learned.  In any case, this is what I remember: 
I am the light Our assignment was to discover whether we experienced a greater sense of protection by projecting energy towards a perceived danger or by withdrawing energy from this danger.  I was partnered with another student who played bad guy for me.  We simply sat face to face while we both identified her as a dangerous "bad guy".  I first energetically withdrew from her for a few minutes, and then intentionally projected energy towards her.  To my surprise at the time, I experienced a greater sense of safety when I projected energy.  When I project energy, I radiate.
The way that I projected energy, and hence radiated light and life way by repeating the  words "I am the Light, I am the Light"  non stop in my mind. 
When I returned home I soon had a chance to use my new found "I am the Light" tool.  A family member was going through opiate withdrawal as he tried to free himself from the grip of heroin addiction.  I'd agreed to  hold his money to help him prevent himself from using.  Well, opiate withdrawal is miserable and his urge to use was strong.  He wanted his money NOW and felt totally justified because it was after all HIS money that I was holding.  Frustrated and angry, he stepped close in my face, yelled and yelled, threatened me and demanded his money.   I shook like a leaf in fear. 

I am the Light

Wisely or not, I stood my ground.  I could have gotten hurt, but that wasn't my lesson that day.  The words "I am the Light, I am the Light" ran continuously through  my mind as I stood there quaking yet somehow okay. 

I became the calm in the eye of the storm.  He eventually left the house empty handed and obtained money elsewhere to get his fix that day. 

Thank God, he did eventually kick his addiction and has been successfully living clean and drug free for over a decade!!  He's my husband and he's a wonderful gift in my life.  I'm grateful to have him in my life.

The lesson here was mine.  The lesson wasn't about helping him and it wasn't about preventing him from using.  The lesson was about learning how to remain present and calm in the midst of danger - any danger.  What a marvelous ability to have!  Writing this story is a great reminder for me!!

I am the light, look for the opening

A while later this learning developed further when  I attended a personal growth workshop called The Leap of Faith with the group Warrior Spirit.   In a curious way this workshop, led by Jeff Alexander,  teaches fighting skills in order to help people to lay down our swords and live together in peace.  We can't lay down our swords unless we're aware that we've picked them up. I've heard people comment that as long as bullies know that you are willing to fight, you don't ever have to raise a hand.  There may be some truth here.
"Look for the opening!" is a phrase I heard repeatedly as I learned to punch and kick a man who served me by donning protective padding and then letting me repeatedly swing full force at him as he very realistically acted as if he was out to kill me.  Standing in the fighting ring with adrenalin rushing full force, my mind again replayed non stop the words "I am the Light, I am the Light".
By the time that weekend was complete my mantra had developed from the simple "I am the Light" to "I am the Light, look for the opening.  I am the Light, look for the opening."  This mantra serves me well to this day.

The Pillar of Light

I've also experienced the essence of "I am the Light, look for the opening" in a hooponopono meditation called Kukulu o ke Ao - the Pillar of Light, which I learned from Maka'ala Yates, founder of Mana Lomi®.  In this meditation I visualize myself in the center of a column of Light which connects heaven and earth.  I breathe the energy of this Light though my body, especially my spine.  After visualizing several specific steps designed to make me fully present within the column of Light, I  focus healing energy in my heart and then send it to another person, place or thing to support their healing and wellbeing.
Feeling helpless usually contracts us and dims our Light.   I use the Pillar of Light process when I feel anxious in response to a dangerous or unpleasant situation which is outside my control. This could be an accident on the freeway, an argument happening within range of my hearing, oil pouring into our beloved ocean, a person whose body has degenerated because of illness into a miserable state, and so forth.  Doing the Pillar of Light meditation keeps my Light shining, keeps me relaxed, and also can help the person, place or situation to which I send healing energy.

Joy in the midst of misery

Here's another hooponopono lesson I learned from Shawn LaSala Kimmel.

When we enter into a room full of upset or miserable people we have a choice.  Perhaps these are people we know well such as our family or church community.  Let's say we were having a good day before we walked into this room.  When we join the crowd we can join the pity party or the fight, or we can maintain my cheerful or positive outlook.   

When I first heard this story I remember thinking to myself that radiating cheerful energy in a room full of miserable people would be disrespectful and irritating.  As I sat with this story, I changed my mind.   What use is it to join a pity party??? What use is it to join a fight??? How much better it is to maintain my love and joy and to share what Light I can with others!

This skill will be very useful if I ever find myself in a concentration camp, caught in a war, or as a survivor of  a natural disaster!!  May I have the willingness and strength to stay present in love and joy! That's hooponopono!  

An ocean of darkness and an ocean of light

This is the last stanza of a Quaker hymn that I grew up singing, and that I love:

ocean of light

There's an ocean of darkness and I drowned in the night
  'til I came through the darkness  to the ocean of Light.

    And the Light is forever  and the Light will be free
    and I'll walk in the glory of the Light   with thee

Finally, I am inspired and guided by Martin Luther King's wise words.

    Darkness cannot drive out darkness;
        only light can do that.  

    Hate cannot drive out hate:
        only love can do that.

I am the Light ~ look for the opening!!!

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