lomi lomi:
Mana lomi® introduced by Maka'ala yates

I studied lomi lomi with Dr. Maka'ala Yates, D.C. for 13 years, from 2003-2016, and I taught Mana Lomi®, the specific name Maka'ala chose for his presentation of lomi lomi, under his guidance for 9 years.  Although I have also studied with other teachers, I have been most strongly influenced by Maka'ala.

Much of what I practice and teach now I learned from Maka'ala.  I am forever grateful to him seeing my Light, and for nurturing me on my lomilomi journey. When I watch these videos, my heart opens and I smile!   Mahalo Maka'ala.

Please enjoy these videos in which Maka'ala introduces Mana Lomi®.  Click here to visit his website.

↑  Maka'ala talks about his life philosophy.

↑  Maka'ala demonstrates Mana Lomi bodywork®.