by Harry Uhane Jim & Garnette Arledge

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I like Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim very much!!   Kahuna Harry is the “source voice” author of Wise Secrets of Aloha.   I feel good inside when I listen to his voice, whether in person, recorded, or written.  As his co-author writes, “Harry has a very large presence”. Indeed Harry does have a large presence, on multiple levels!!

Wise Secrets of Aloha

I’ve met Kahuna Harry in person only once, at a presentation he gave in Seattle to perhaps 50 people.  He opened the presentation with a smiling request that we repeat after him.  When he said “ha”, we echoed “ha” and together we rolled into “ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…….”  We all laughed and felt our hearts open with our shared laughter! We all relaxed.  While perhaps only a few people in the room were initially aware that “ha” means breath in Hawaiian and that this word has deep layers of meaning, Kahuna Harry brought powerful mana (healing spiritual energy) of "ha" into the room with this "little fun game”.  That’s how Kahuna Harry teaches - with FUN.  Just thinking about Harry right now makes me breathe and smile.  Mahalo Kahuna Harry.

(update: Since I wrote this book recommendation I have attended a wonderful 10 day workshop Kahuna Harry led.)  

Co-author Garnette Arledge, an experienced writer, met Kahuna Harry when she cooked for a workshop he taught.  Being relatively new to Hawaiian culture, Garnett has organized the information to make the ideas in this short book easily accessible to others who did not grow up in Hawaii.   

Here’s a taste of the writing style in Wise Secrets of Aloha:

“This Aloha welcoming ritual is designed to raise the vibration of the travel-weary newcomer to these islands that are the most remote from any of the continents on the Earth.  Aloha calls forth, soul to soul, the spirit of generosity and hospitality. In knowingly greeting newcomers with Aloha, invoking the presence of God within, automatically, the vibrations of the travel weary-visitor are raised, thus benefiting all.”

Here is the Wise Secrets of Aloha table of contents:


Chapter 1: The Esoteric Aloha Spirit
Chapter 2: The Triune Self and the Meaning in Aloha
Chapter 3: Creating Space for Healing


Chapter 4: Ha Breath: Grace Receiving Gratitude
Chapter 5: Laulima: Laying on of Hands
Chapter 6: Bone Washing: Releasing Cherished Wounds


Chapter 7: The Path to Manifesting Life Abundance
Chapter 8: Lessons from the Hawaiian Workshop
Chapter 9: Lomilomi Healing Stories

Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim was born and raised on Kauai, Hawaii.  He  has been doing healing work for many years, and has been trained in the traditional apprentice style by the best known native Kahuna's of the last 7 decades - most gone now.”

I especially appreciate Harry’s willingness to include all who are drawn to learn lomilomi from whatever background and/or lomilomi linage we each may come into a worldwide lomilomi family. The level to which Kahuna Harry embraces this attitude is significant and noteworthy.  I notice Kahuna Harry's dedication to suporting a worldwide lomilomi community in his contributions on Face Book and elsewhere. 
Click here to visit his Face Book page.  

In addition to his book Wise Secrets of Aloha, Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim has also produced wonderful videos of his workshops.  As happened when I met him in person, his palpable joy lifts my heart when I watch the videos.  I’ve watched them several times; they are worth repeating. 

Click here to visit Harry’s website and to learn more about the classes he teaches and his videos.

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