Mana Lomi ® uses clinical thinking
We problem solve! 

Mana Lomi® can further be identified by the clinically and structurally oriented treatment process it embraces, especially as practitioners complete the advanced workshops.  

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We begin by envisioning the client or patient as completely healthy and strong.  We envision them in perfect health on all levels.  Maintaining this “perfect health” vision and attitude as we work, we simultaneously apply our analytical and intuitive problem solving, solution oriented skills.  We seek out problem spots in their bodies and invite change.  

We work deeply and gently, never attempting to force change, but rather allowing the client’s tissue to invite the change.

Massage is often thought of as bodywork for muscles and tendons, and Mana Lomi® certainly does address these tissues.  It also addresses the fascia and ligaments.  As I work with patients, I envision and explore the movement of their skeletal frame and their boney alignment beneath their muscle tissue. 

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We stretch our patients’ limbs and spines in specific ways.   We use their bones as levers to stretch the ligaments in their joints which then allows their body to structurally reposition itself. This creates freedom!

Here’s a mind game I use when I work structurally:  I almost ignore the muscles in the same way I ignore any loose fitting clothing my patient might be wearing.  When I treat the muscles as if they were simply knit fabric draped over the bones, the muscles respond by relaxing and getting out of the way, allowing me to directly use the bones as levers to affect the joints.

In the advanced Mana Lomi® training students learn to pay special attention to the alignment of the pelvic bones.  When we are able to help the hip bones settle in a more even position, a solid foundation is created for our patient’s entire trunk which supports easy movement for their full body, from the soles of the feet to the crown of the head. 

Learning Mana Lomi improved my own.  In order to deliver these deep yet gentle lomilomi strokes we must work from our core.  Becoming more aware of our own bodies and our own posture opens the way for insight about our patients bodies and postures.  It’s win-win.  Getting to know ourselves helps us know others.

As we help our patients to become more aware of their bodies, their posture improves helping them to maintain the benefits from the hands-on sessions.  Increased body awareness and improved posture helps the treatment not only to be effective immediately, but also to create long lasting changes. 

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