ARTICLES BY Barbara Helynn
(MY "blog")

Please enjoy this series of essays (my "blog") which I've written over the years.  These essays  address a wide range of concepts related to lomilomi; some essays include personal stories from my work and life, others are more generally informational.  Enjoy....

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lomilomi and other body focused healing practices

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  • part 1:  ho'oponopono, an introduction 
  • part 2: ho'oponopono is embedded in Hawaiian greetings
  • part 3: ho'oponopono, traditional family style
  • part 4: ho'oponopono using contemporary methods
  • part 5: ho'oponopono: on being Hawaiian, suggestions by Papa Kepolino
  • part 6: ho'oponopono can include making amends 
  • part 7: ho'oponopono means radiating light 
  • part 8: ho'oponopono is recognizing that we live in an auspicious time
  • part 9: ho'oponopono, appendix: SITH - Self Identity through Ho'oponopono