Mana Lomi ® emphasizes
these Hawaiian Spiritual Principles

A central philosophy of lomilomi is that each person is equally Divine in every aspect - body, mind & soul. 


In giving Mana Lomi® we work with the mana - life force - of the body, mind and soul of an individual. We work through soft tissue to communicate deep within the bones of the individual. This allows us to connect to the soul of that person.

Communicating down to the bones physically and energetically lets the patient allow the practitioner to go as deep as they can tolerate, yet be non-invasive to achieve the desired results.

Some massage therapists and other medical practitioners believe that memories are stored in muscles. As in many indigenous cultures, Hawaiians see bones as the most important and protected part of the physical structure and the mana of the individual. Memory from past traumas, injuries or emotional links is stored at the bone level. Specific codes that make up each individual on a DNA level are stored in bones.

Living pono - aligned and conflict free - within ourselves and in relationship to other persons, places and things allows us as healing practitioners to channel healing mana. This requires continuous attention and commitment to train our minds.

Wainapanapa water

The Mana Lomi® approach focuses on “unlimited healing potential,” and aligns with a period in Hawaiian pre-history identified by some people as Lemuria, when people lived cooperatively and harmoniously and could “fly with the birds, swim with the fish, and know and understand all things.”

We recognize our current era as an auspicious time to be alive. We visualize desired outcome for specific body issues, for systemic health and for global peace and well-being.

E piko kakou.
We are all connected.

Ua mau ke ea o ka ‘aina i ka pono.
The very life, breath and spirit of the land endures in right relationships between people and all living things

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