lomi lomi movie gallery

I have created these lomi lomi videos with intent to pass on to as many massage therapists as possible the information and skills I have developed over the past 45+ years that I've been giving massage.  In my 60s now, I am committed to helping the next generation of massage therapists develop skills, and thrive.

I self-produced these videos.  A friend and family member helped me film, done mostly in my home.  I did all the editing myself.  Self producing has allowed me to create these videos on a low budget, and make them available for you to learn from.  Please bear with the occasional spots where the lighting or background noise is distracting. 

demonstration: introduction to awareness massage lomilomi

This video shows me demonstrating a basic Awareness Massage Lomilomi, and includes lots of specific commentary.  It is 38+ minutes, and was recorded in 2015

Please watch this video before taking the Awareness Massage Lomilomi Foundations class.

This video includes many specific tips about how to get your weight behind your work in a way which is different than is taught in most massage schools. Due to prior training and experience doing massage, most of my students need to retrain their bodies to successfully do this work.  This retraining requires discipline comparable to learning to drive in traffic on the opposite side of the road than you are accustomed  to, in a car in which the placement of the gas petal and break have been reversed.  It can be tricky before it then becomes natural and easy.

Watching this video before class will facilitate your learning, and will help me to more easily and successfully teach the class.

Thank you for taking the time to watch this video before attending class.

 lomilomi immersion

This slide show introduces the 12 day Lomilomi Immersion workshop I previously offered annually. 

It was recorded in 2016  and is 3:32 minutes long.


 lomilomi with hot stones

This video demonstrates lomilomi done with hot stones.  It was recorded in 2014  and is 20:23 minute long.

 Watching this video before taking a lomilomi with hot stones class with me will facilitate your learning experience.  Watching it after class is useful for review. 

basic full body lomilomi demonstration

These videos ↓  show a full body Awareness Massage lomilomi session.  I've created this video for massage therapists to use as review after attending a lomilomi fundamentals class with me.  (Previously called Mana Lomi® level 1)

part 1 & 2: the opening prayer and the back (16:18 minutes)

part 3 & 4: the buttocks and back of legs (11:44 minutes)

part 5: the front of legs and the hip rotations (12:38 minutes)

part 6, 7, 8 & 9: the belly, upper chest, neck and head. (14:22)


 "Abdominal Visceral Massage using lomilomi"

In this video I demonstrate palpation of the stomach, liver, gall bladder, small intestine, ileocecal valve, and the colon, as well as the fascia along in the lower part of the abdomen.  (about 15 minutes)


Although the videos in this section were recorded when I was a full time Mana Lomi teacher, most of what I say in these videos applies to the work I continue to do as Awareness Massage Lomilomi. 

What kinds of people I help using lomilomi. (4:01 minutes)

What kinds of people I help using lomilomi. (4:01 minutes)

About Mana Lomi. (3:41 minutes)

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