What's the Mana Lomi ® Lineage,
and why does this matter?

Mana Lomi® is “movement with pulse and signature energy” which has been passed down through many generations of physical Hawaiian lineage. Practicing this special form of Hawaiian healing can connect the practitioner with the divine through na kupuna, Hawaiian elders. This gives me chills!!


Some of the kumu and kupuna (Hawaiian teachers and elders) who strongly influenced Maka’ala include:

  • Margaret Machado
  • Kupuna Hale
  • Edith Kanaka’ole
  • Mornah Simeona
  • Iolani Luahine
  • ‘A’ala Akana
  • Mona Kahele
  • John Peal Yates
  • and others

 Some of the mana and mana’o (life energy and ideas) of these special people is preserved, maintained and shared by the people who learn and practice this indigenous healing modality. What an amazing responsibility, privilege and honor this is!!! 


The gentleman who developed Mana Lomi® is Dr. Maka’ala Yates, a Kanaka Maoli (person of Hawaiian Ancestry) who specializes in Hawaiian medicine. In 1976 he participated in the first voyage of the Hokule’a.

Maka'ala Yates

The building  of this traditional double-hulled canoe and sailing by celestial navigation sparked the renaissance of indigenous Hawaiian culture. He is a board member of the Ahohui Ho’ola Hawaii (traditional Hawaiian Healing Council) and of the Pacific Island Council of Traditional Healing. He has been practicing and teaching Hawaiian healing concepts for over 30 years.

In July of 2005, Dr Yates was honored to receive the Kaonohi Award in Honolulu, HI,  The Kaonohi  award was established in 1994 to recognize people who have made significant contributions to improving Hawaiian health and well being within the Hawaiian communities. 

He is currently writing a book on the ancient Hawaiian concepts of spiritual healing, travels throughout the world teaching Hawaiian healing concepts and hosts an intensive training school in Hawaii twice a year, and coordinates a variety of outreach programs focused on improving the Hawaiian community’s health by incorporating proven ancient healing approaches with current biomedical health systems.

Now for a personal testimonial from me: I studied intensely with Kumu Maka’ala from 2003-2016. I enjoy being around him because I feel relaxed, uplifted and inspired in his presence. He laughs and smiles and teaches with playfulness, joy, and a light heart. He’s a true positive thinker. Kumu Maka’ala overflows with both wisdom from his heart and technically oriented information. He smoothly flows between his indigenous Hawaiian healing roots and his western medical training, drawing on both. Learning from him is easy!

Aloha wale no,

Barbara Helynn Robles

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