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Breast Wellness:  article by Debra Curties, published in 2003 in ABMP magazine. ~  Debra Curties is a well respected author in the field of breast massage education.  She is the author of the book entitled Breast Massage.  Debra lives and works in Canada.

Breast Massage: article by Kellum Johnson ~ how to do breast massage, along with some insightful comments.  Kellum Johnson is a massage therapist licensed in Texas.

Breast Massage Therapy:   information on website of Tony Ruggeiro in Texas ~ summary of benefits of breast massage, and more.  Tony Ruggeiro is a massage therapist in Greensville, South Carolina

Breast Massage Good for Mothers Before and After Delivery:  article by Phyllis Hanlon,  published in 2013 in Massage Magazine.  Phyllis Hanlon is a professional author and frequent contributor of articles in Massage Magazine.

The Evolving practice of Breast Massage: article by Kate Jordan, first published in Massage Today in 2001.  Kate Jordan the developer and teacher of the Bodywork for the Childbearing Year® advanced certification training.

Breast Massage from a Massage Therapist: Have you considered it?: article by Pam Fitchner in WHOlife,
Wholeness & Wellness Journal of Saskatchewan, Canada.  Pam Fitchner is a massage therapist in Saskatoon, Canada. She also facilitates workshops on breast and belly and complementary health.

A series of blogs articles on breast care and massage: article by Aristide M. LaVey in the Massagewallah blog.  Aristide M. LaVey is a massage therapist who practices in Los Angeles, CA.

Breast Massage: on the Brink of Understanding?  article by Karrie Mowen (Osborn) in the ABMP website, first published in 2001.  Karrie Mowen is/was a contributing editor of the ABMP Massage & Bodywork magazine.

Female Breast Massage for Better Health:  article by Nancy L. Ring on an ABMP supported website, published in 2009.  Nancy L. Ring is a massage therapist in Cornell, Michigan.

Desexualizing the Touch Experience – A Proactive Approach:  article by Cherie Sohnen-Moe, published in Massage Today.  Cherie Sohnen-Moe is a highly respected massage therapy educator.

Innate Traditions, postpartum care: an organization offering training on postpartum care for women, a holistic system of care which honors women's physiological design.  Rachelle Garcia Seliga’s work is dedicated to midwifing a cultural shift that honors innate wisdom, personal authority and the sanctity of Life. was created to help people to understand the breast: its development and growth patterns, its function and purpose, its role in various societies, its care, and its problems. It has information about going without a bra, health practices, cancer and lots more.  One could spend days reading this fascinating website!

Post Surgical Therapy for Mastectomy and Implants  an article by Paul Lewis on the Massage Therapy Canada website.

Massage for Folks with Mesothelioma:  This website provides information, including discussion about massage, for folks living with mesothelioma, a cancer caused by inhaling asbestos fibers which lodge in the lining of the lungs, heart and abdomen.

Not all Women with Women with Dense Breasts Need Supplemental Imaging:  This article by Leah Lawrence, a contributing author on MedPage, discusses the relationship between breast density and cancer.


The Happy Breast Book by Cheryl Chapman

Breast Massage by Debra Curties


Therapeutic Breast Massage 1hour 48 minute DVD  by Meade Steadman, published by Aesthetic Video Source.

short video by Barbara Helynn Heard:  this 2+ minute video on YouTube demonstrates how I massage the chest as part of a fullbody, wellness focused massage for both men and women.

short video by Barbara Helynn Heard:  this 3+ minute video on YouTube demonstrates how I massage the chest as part of a fullbody, wellness focused massage for women.

Abhyanga Ayurvedic Massage: this 2+ minute video introduces a full body Ayurvedic massage which integrates the full chest into the treatment.

Ayurvedic Massage at Indian Spa:  This video shows the chest and abdomen being massaged as an integrated whole starting at 12:45. 

Breast Self Massage In this brief, how-to video, Aubrey Lesicki, BS, LMT, teaches the PHAST technique of breast self-massage. The PHAST breast self-massage technique is a quick, simple way to manage your breast care, improving breast circulation as well as the quality of the tissue texture.

Phluff Your Girls and the Happy Breast Book with Cheryl Chapman:   Cheryl Chapman is a breast health advocate & teacher & lectures on breast health nationally.

short video showing movement of diaphragm   a YouTube video

workshops in which breast & chest massage are taught

Breast and Chest Massage Barbara Helynn Heard, LMT, the host of this website, teaches classes in Washington State.  In this class I teach protocol for integrating full chest and breast massage into a full body massage treatment.  This class satisfies CE requirements for doing breast massage in WA state. (WAC 246-830-555)

Breast Remedy: Aubrey Lesicki, LMT, massage therapist in Seattle, WA is a breast massage educator offers continuing education classes related to breast massage for massage therapists in Seattle, WA.  This class satisfies CE requirements for doing breast massage in WA state. (WAC 246-830-555)

Massage of the Anterior Trunk & Breasts: Eric Bartsch, LMT, CKTP® teaches this class to help make full chest and breast massage more widely available to the public. Classes teach how to integrate breast massage into massage sessions, with a strong focus on anatomy, technique, and ethics. He teaches in Washington State, and this class satisfies CE requirements for doing breast massage in WA state. (WAC 246-830-555)

Breast Massage – the Spurgeon Method™: Taught by breast cancer survivor Sally Spurgeon, LMT, these classes, taught in Las Vegas Nevada,  help participants to become comfortable with the idea of Breast Massage and to understand its benefits and how vitally important it is in this day and age. 

Integrative chest/breast massage within full body massage sessions: taught by Joe Lavin, LMT  Contact Joe to determine which classes might integrate chest/breast massage.

Vancouver School of Healing Arts, Breast Massage CE class: taught by Sheryl Watson.

Ayurveda Massage and Body Training: taught by California College of Ayurveda.  This program teaches a full body protocol which includes the full chest and breast.

Oncology Massage Education Associates classes offered by a group of massage educators who teach in various locations all over the United States.

Cheryl Chapman: website for Cheryl Chapman, RN, LMT.   Cheryl Chapman is a pioneer in massage for Cancer and Mastectomy. An RN since 1965, certified in massage in 1988, she combined her extensive nursing experience of 23 years as an Oncology nurse, Hospice, HIV/AIDS, Cardiac and PostPartum nurse with her wide-ranging knowledge of massage and she produced a comprehensive hands-on training program.

Bodywork Wisdom Eeris Kallil, LMT is a breast cancer survivor who teaches breast massage for people with cancer in various states:  Eeris Kallil practices and teaches classes in Colorado and also travels to other states to teach.  

Chikly Heath Institute:  founded by Bruno Chikly, D.O. this organization teaches lymph drainage therapy for all parts of the body, including breasts.

Klose Training  breast cancer rehabilitation class: This class is offered nationally throughout the US by the Klose Training organization which specializes in teaching  ways to treat lymphedema. They also offer a full  lymphedema certification program.

Secrets of Therapeutic Breast Massage: Sara Haase, LMT of Hasse Seminars and Consulting teaches this class in Washington State.  This class satisfies CE requirements for doing breast massage in WA state. (WAC 246-830-555)


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