massage offerings
in my office in olympia, washington

"Barbara's massage meets my needs for joint and mobility work.  She relishes discovering body and mind's connections and mysteries.  Her touch is a great opportunity for healing and discovery.  Her Hawaiian traditions attracted me to her initially and continue to support my healing experience." 

~  Richard Cahall, retired farmer

Who are my clients?

I see people from many walks of life.  Many of my clients are dancers, musicians, performers, massage therapists and other health practitioners, and regular participants in various fitness classes. I occasionally see people as young as teenagers and as old as….. there’s no limit. Many of my clients are 50 or more years young and are committed to maintaining, or better yet increasing, their health and vitality as they age.

 I especially enjoy working with:

  • dancers, especially my hula and African dance communities
  • musicians and other people who intentionally use their bodies
  • elders
  • people experiencing chronic pain
  • people longing for healthy touch
  • people grieving loss people with whom I share community
  • my Quaker community

How can a session help you?

what makes one massage absolutely amazing for body, mind & spirit,
while another massage is just mediocre?

what delights your body, gives your mind a rest
&  makes your heart sing?

When you walk out the door after a healing session with me, expect to have experienced one or more of these benefits:

  • You may be able to breathe more easily.
  • If you walked in stressed, anxious or wound up, you may walk out calm, relaxed and slowed down.
  • If you walked in feeling pain, this pain may have been eliminated or significantly reduced.
  • You may move more easily and gracefully because restriction in your joints will have been freed or eased.
  • You may be more in touch with your body.  (Have you ever felt like a head without a body?  Massage reconnects our awareness with our body.)
  • You may feel the love, beauty, wisdom and strength within you.
  • You may more easily be able to remain calm in times of trouble.
  • Injuries in your joints and muscles tissue may have been supported in healing.
  • You may have learned tips about ways to sit, stand, walk, lie down or do other activities that will help you develop and maintain healthy posture.

My clients appreciate the special attention I give to helping them increase their body awareness and improve their posture.  I've found that the more specifically we feel our bodies, the easier it is to move with grace and power.  To that end I integrate somatic awareness movement exploration into many of my massage sessions as an educational process of muscular retraining.

People come to me for help
recovering from, or living with more easily, these conditions

  • Back and neck pain, including whiplash and disc problems
  • joint & muscular pain in the back, neck, shoulders, hips, knees and more
  • joint replacement
  • surgery preparation & recovery
  • sciatica
  • injuries from accidents, falls and repetitive use arthritis
  • lupus
  • fibromyalgia
  • headaches
  • asthma and other breathing problems
  • depression
  • emotional pain related to loss
  • high stress lifestyle
  • cancer
  • Parkinson's disease
  • poor or problematic posture
  • pregnancy



TRADITIONAL LOMI LOMI: The traditional lomi lomi massage I offer is done with a problem solving focus designed to relieve or eliminate physical and sometimes emotional pain you may be experiencing, and to help you move more easily and freely.  This session provides you with the opportunity to become more present in your body as it supports you in developing more body awareness that can last long after the session is complete.   click here for full description.

LUXURIOUS MASSAGE In this massage I use a deep, slow, free flowing touch which is tender and gentle touch yet remains consistently  bone deep from start to finish.    Sometimes my touch is soothing, and sometimes it elicits the "hurt so good" response that accompanies the release of tension and pain in our bodies.  I’ll share with you nonjudgmental acceptance and appreciation for you and your body, just exactly the way you areThis massage is for repeat clients only.   Click here for full description

How often do people schedule massage?

People often choose to receive sessions from me once or twice each month as part of their commitment to their own health maintenance.  Receiving regular massage helps to accumulate and reinforce the benefits of each session.  Other people come on an occasional or as needed schedule.

What is my background?

I’ve been doing bodywork for over 40 years - since I was teenager. I’ve been a licensed massage practitioner offering lomilomi in my Seattle based private practice since 1996. In addition to practicing bodywork, I have taught lomi lomi continuing education classes since 2001. Click here to learn more.