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Receiving skillfully done massage, chiropractic or acupuncture can immediately relieve tension and pain and help develop great posture!.  Good bodywork helps me to breathe easily, to move freely and gracefully, to feel calm and grounded, and to feel my inner and outer love, beauty and hope.  Osteopathic and physical therapy does the same for some other people.  

Skillfully done bodywork can help us develop healthy posture and can give us a dramatic and immediate break from pain, tension and restriction.  It can allow our bodies to experience their full potential for wellbeing in the present moment.  Yay!!! 



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The results from skillful bodywork can be long term if don’t return to moving with guarded, protective, defensive or simply lazy patterns. 

However, we sometimes backslide.  Backsliding and the return of pain and limitations can happen immediately, the next day, the next week or much later.  It happens when we are startled, or it may be due to weakness or injury in tissues, to difficult emotions, and/or simply out of habit.   

Good news!  Maintaining healthy posture and the wellbeing that accompanies it is a learnable skill and a fun adventure. Repetition helps.  Training both our minds and our bodies helps.  As we become conscious of specific and sometimes subtle sensations in our bodies,  more options are available to us.  The more we feel both our bodies and our emotions on our journey to wellness, the more we heal. 

"Don't bend your head.
Hold it high.
Look the world straight in the eye."
                        Helen Keller

Developing and maintaining healthy ways to hold and move our bodies is not a destination but rather a journey.  It’s about sitting, standing, lying, working and playing in flowing, grounded and healthy ways.  It’s also about learning to respond to conflict and uncertainty with grace and trus

posture good

I’ve personally received lots of help developing healthy posture and carriage not only from bodywork, but also from dance classes, movement awareness classes, personal growth workshops, and from counseling.  I’ve spent plenty of time, money and energy on these activities and it’s been worth every cent and every minute I’ve spent because I have so much fun doing these things!!!!  I’ll be on this journey until I leave this world.

To be healthy, pain free, happy and active, make time for movement exploration whether individually or in classes.  Movement done emphasizing awareness of body and breath such as yoga, tai chi or Feldencrais, Pilates and some dance and other martial arts forms are especially helpful.  Choose an activity that you truly enjoy!



Remember When it didn’t Hurt ~ 8 Steps to a Pain Free Back, is a book by Esther Gokhale which teaches the basics of how to move and how to rest: how to sit, stand, lie, walk and lift.  It’s helped me tremendously and I highly recommend it.  

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The pictures on this page come from a collage I made to illustrate healthy posture.

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