luxurious Massage

"Using massage Barbara brings harmony and peace to my body and mind with her gentle knowing touch. She breaks the inner chains and sets my body free. Leaving her I sometimes think I could fly. I feel a euphoria and joy.” 

Dennis, retired sales person, photographer, potter and family man


Luxurious Massage is done with a deep, slow, free flowing touch which is tender and gentle touch yet remains consistently  bone deep from start to finish.  Sometimes my touch is soothing, and sometimes it elicits the "hurt so good" response that accompanies the release of tension and pain in our bodies.  I’ll share with you nonjudgmental acceptance and appreciation for you and your body, just exactly the way you are.   

Luxurious Massage sessions are intended to help you experience deep rest, openness, peace, trust, and expansive, timeless presence. You’ll feel tension melt away as the protective mask we often wear in our daily life simply disappears in a most natural way, allowing you to forget for the moment that this mask even exists as you deeply feel your goodness, your human dignity, and your inner and outer beauty.  This is a sweet space, a wonderfully soft and dreamy state of being in which you breathe easily and know that you are enough, just exactly the just the way you are.  

On the physical level, the steady, deep, compressive pressure used in Luxurious Massage sessions have profound effects on the neuromuscular system, decreasing muscle tension and spasm, increasing range of motion in the joints and breaking the neuro-physical and neuro-emotional patterns that we tend to hold on so tightly to.

The opportunity to provide you with this transformational experience gives me great joy.


The draping used with Luxurious Massage sessions, while professional, is less modest than the draping commonly used in spas and treatment centers. The room will be warm and dimly lit and you’ll be almost naked, covered just enough to provide a sense of safety. You will be draped with a weighted hand towel to cover your tush cleavage when you are face down and to cover your “privates” when you are face up, leaving the sides of your hips (gluteal muscles) directly accessible. Your chest and breasts will be undraped. This draping style will allow you to receive long, flowing and integrative techniques which cross between your upper and lower body. We can add additional draping for warmth as needed Many people tell me receiving full direct chest and breast massage is a particularly heart opening and powerful experience.  

To clarify further, you’ll start with a full sheet covering your body which is kept in place until the hand towel which covers the private areas of your pelvis is securely in place. When it’s time for you to turn over, I will again cover you with the full sheet which will stay in place until you have turned over and the hand towel is again securely in place. 

We’ll review the draping before the massage begins and agree on the draping that works best for you.  If you have any concerns about draping, please talk to me before your session.  

If you prefer more modest draping, please choose the more clinically focused Lomilomi Massage session rather than a Luxurious Massage.


Luxurious Massage is thorough and includes the areas of your body that are commonly included in professional bodywork such as the back, legs, arms, and neck.  I also work areas that are sometimes avoided in spa or medical bodywork settings.  I give special attention to gluteal muscles and adductors, your belly, your chest/breasts, your underarms (which feels great and is so good for you!), your feet, and your neck, head and face. The strokes are tender yet consistently deep. I add special nurturing touches and lingering holds. I may encourage you to hum, helping to release tension from your throat and free your voice.  

Before your session begins we will talk about what areas you want worked on and what areas, if any, you wish to have left alone so that your massage is tailored specifically to your needs and desires.

With client consent, I usually offer a spoken, personalized blessing at the start of the session with my hands resting quietly on the client’s body.  It is of course OK for the client to decline the blessing.  Here is a sample blessing for a client named Jane. 

"Spirit of Peace, Spirit of Harmony, Spirit of Love, bless Jane with health from the top of her head to the soles of her feet, from the depths of her heart and through every cell of her body, every thought in her mind, every beat of her heart." 

Lubricant: I use a coconut oil based massage cream the causes this bodywork to be consistently deep, and the pace to be almost slow motion. 


Please know that while Luxurious Massage sessions are an intimate style of bodywork, and while gentle sexual arousal including erections and other sensations sometimes occur, Luxurious Massage sessions do not include intentional sexual stimulation, or sexual release. If you find yourself feeling aroused, I invite you to simply relax into the feeling, enjoy it, and allow it to pass. 

I will end the massage immediately if the client initiates sexual conversation, grinds on the table, or engages in any other specifically sexual behavior.  Payment will be due in full.  No exceptions.

Please share with me any questions or concerns you have about this matter before the session begins; I must be sure we are on the same page in this regard.


Relaxing soft music helps set and maintain the pace of the session.  The music supports and reinforces the flow.  I have a large variety of music to choose from, and we’ll find music that works for us both.


The  Luxurious Massage is done in a 2-2.5 hour session.  This time includes our initial conversational check in, 1.75-2 hours of massage, up to 20 minutes for you to linger on the table after the massage itself is complete to expand and deepen your experience, and time for you to get dressed, and reschedule should you choose do so.


I offer Luxurious Massage sessions only to clients who have established a trustworthy, therapeutic relationship with me by receiving one or more sessions of my more clinically focused Lomilomi Massage sessions.  I maintain this protocol to ensure understanding and safety for myself and for you, my clients.

Please do not ask for an exception to this guideline.  If you are seeing me for the first time, please schedule a Lomilomi Massage, with or without hot stones.


Payment is by cash or check at time of service.  I do not accept payment by insurance.