Give me Feedback
about your Experience in my Massage Classes

I strive to create and teach massage classes that are challenging and enriching for all of the participants, and specifically bring the best to light in each person attending. Your feedback - both praise and criticism - about what you personally experienced in my classes helps me create even better classes.

To help me achieve that goal, I created this anonymous feedback tool so that my students can tell me anything that they want about my classes, without having to tell me their name if they do not want to.

You do not have to complete every box.
Just choose the one(s) that you want to give me feedback on.

.......And please be as honest and thorough as possible, I can take it!

Do you only have a quick comment to make? Enter it here.
What was your favorite part of the class?
What was your least favorite part of the class?
What did you like/not like about the content of the class?
What did you like/not like about my teaching style?
How was the pace of class for you? just right, too fast or too slow??
Was there anything wonderful, terrible or unusual about our classroom space?
Is there anything else you'd like me to know?
If you would like me to know who you are, please tell me your name.
If so, please enter your email address and/or phone number.
Double check for accuracy, please.

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Thank you for giving me helpful feedback.

Mahalo a  malama pono ~ thank you and take good care.

Barbara Helynn Robles