How can I earn
a Mana Lomi® Certificate of Endorsement?

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When you attend a Mana Lomi® class you will earn a simple NCBTMB approved "certificate of completion" which is good for license renewal in most US states. 

Those students who choose to further develop their study and practice of Mana Lomi® will do additional work in order to earn a Mana Lomi® "certificate of endorsement".  Completing this endorsement process solidifies the classroom learning and is required to qualify you to promote and identify yourself as a Mana Lomi® therapist, and to specifically mention Mana Lomi® on your website, business card and other promotional materials.

This Mana Lomi® endorsement can be earned for all four of the Mana Lomi®  27 CE core classes: level 1, level 2 and level 3 as well as the 'ili'ili or hot stones class.

To earn a Mana Lomi certificate of endorsement after completing the CE class, you will give 20 massage sessions using the work learned in class on 20 different people.  You will write and submits chart notes to your teacher along with a one page summary reflecting on what you learned doing the case studies.  After reviewing and approving the chart notes and reflections, the teacher will present you with a Mana Lomi certificate of endorsement which specifically authorizes you to promote yourself as a Mana Lomi therapist.

Please note: earning your Mana Lomi® certificate of endorsement is voluntary and optional.  

Earning this endorsement is only neccesary if you choose to identify yourself as a massage therapist who specifically practices Mana Lomi®. Maintaining your Mana Lomi® certificate of endorsement

The benefits of this Mana Lomi® endorsement remain active for two years from the date of issue.  To extend the endorsement beyond that time requires attending 8 or more hours of Mana Lomi® CE classes each two years, and receiving approval of the Mana Lomi® teacher at that time.

This requirement for additional education helps to ensure that people who present themselves to the public as Mana Lomi® therapists maintain the ability to do quality treatments that are really Mana Lomi®.  Without taking additional classes and thereby creating ongoing relationship with Mana Lomi® leadership, most therapists would probably blend what they have learned in Mana Lomi® classes with other modalities. This is of course OK; however it then becomes something else which should not be identified as Mana Lomi®

Are there any fees
to be identified as a Mana Lomi® practitioner?

There is no association fee to promote oneself as a Mana Lomi® therapist, simply the requirement to earn and maintain endorsement. 

How earning my Mana Lomi® certificate of endorsement
helped me and my clients transition
from the Temple style lomi I practiced for 7 years (1996-2003)
to  Mana Lomi® which I've practiced ever since,
and which I find so much more effective

In 2003 I attended a 4 week Mana Lomi intensive program taught by Mana Lomi founder Makaʻala Yates on Maui.  This intensive included level 1, 2, 3 classes and hot stones.  2003 was before YouTube was so popular, and I had never experienced or seen Mana Lomi before I took the class.  The intensive program was my initial introduction to Mana Lomi.

Before attending my first Mana Lomi classes in 2003 I had been doing Temple Lomi for about 7 years, and I truly loved doing that work.  I loved it's beauty and flow.  Watching my Temple Lomi teacher give a session touched me deeply and changed my life in a profound way!!!!  So when I attended Makaʻalaʻs 4 week intensive I fully expected to supplement the Temple Lomi I was already doing with what I learned in the Mana Lomi intensive.  I never dreamed that I would totally let go of doing Temple Lomi.   
When I finished the intensive I returned to Seattle and, being somewhat driven, I immediately determined to earn my certificates of endorsement for the level 1, 2, 3 and hot stones classes I had taken in Hawaii.  At that time only 15 case studies were required per class, so I had 4 x 15, or 60, case studies to complete.   For the next 6 weeks I did only Mana Lomi for all my clients.  My clients knew that I had gone to Hawaii to learn new work and were agreeable to giving it a try.

In those 6 weeks I gave about 75  90 minute Mana Lomi sessions using my beginers level of ability and expertise.  Out of those 75 sessions only 2 people said they preferred my previous Temple style massage.  One of those 2 was a friend I had worked on for free and I felt no need to offer her another session.  The other person was a paying client and I gave him a half price Temple style lomi session the following week.  In hindsight I wish I had given him a free session rather than just half price.

The most important piece of doing those 60 case studies for me was not so much about my clients response but rather about what happened to me in giving those 75 sessions.  I discovered how fantastic Mana Lomi is, and from my point of view how much more effective Mana Lomi is than the Temple Lomi I had been doing, and how much more I enjoy doing Mana Lomi than I ever enjoyed doing Temple Lomi.  To my absolute surprise, I had no -  zero - zip interest in doing Temple Style Lomi sessions after I learned Mana Lomi.  I certainly never expected this result when I enrolled in my first Mana Lomi class!!!

Now remember..... I had LOVED doing Temple style lomi.  But, my experiences doing Temple Lomi can't hold a candle to what I experience with Mana Lomi.  Doing Mana Lomi I listen to the client/patient's body with so much sensitivity.  I can feel so much that I never previously dreamed was possible.  I feel truly connected.  While I had enjoyed the flow and beauty and what I previously interpreted as intimacy when doing Temple Lomi, after I learned Mana Lomi I realized how little I actually felt and connected with my clients/patients when doing Temple Lomi.  In hindsight, for me doing Temple Lomi was so much about flow; I felt myself, but I didn't truly feel my clients anywhere near as much as I do with Mana Lomi.

So end of the story:  doing my 60 case studies fully converted me into a Mana Lomi practitioner.  I've done Mana Lomi for about eleven years now as of 2014, and I love Mana Lomi more and more as the time passes.

This is my story, and this is why I am now a Mana Lomi teacher.