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Some of the therapists listed on this page offer therapeutic, full chest & breast massage within a full body wellness session.  Other therapist offer specific breast massage treatment sessions to support recovery from illness, trauma or other issues causing problems in the breast tissue.


Jamie Elswick, LMT in Anchorage, Alaska.  Jamie Elswick also teaches continuing education classes.


Daniel Cohen, LMT integrates breast massage into full body wellness massage ~ Studio City, CA

Steve Metzger, CMT, RN  has extensive experience as both a nurse and as a massage therapist specializing in women's  health issues.  ~ Sacramento and Fair Oaks, CA

Luis Molina, LMT ~ in Lakewood, CA: Luis includes chest ad breast massage when treating shoulder injuries, and respiratory conditions such as asthma and emphysema.  He also includes breast/chest massage in full body, stress reduction focused massage sessions on request, with signed consent.


Bodywork Wisdom:  Eeris Kallil, LMT is a breast cancer survivor who teaches breast massage for people with cancer:  Eeris Kallil practices and teaches classes in Colorado and also travels to other states to teach. 


Michael Vogt, LMT ~ of Back In Health Massage, in  Tampa, Florida.   With client consent, Michael works with the chest undraped.  His massage focuses on the muscles of the chest and the abdomen as they relate to neck, shoulder, and low back problems. He will perform specific breast massage on request.


Emma Macniak, LMT of Midwest Bodyworks Massage Therapy, in Mundelein, Illinois.   With client consent, Emma preforms breast massage for new mothers, post mastectomy, postural dysfunctions and if it's requested.


Healing Hands Bodywork, Edward Miano, LMT in Boston, MA, also on Martha's Vineyard.  With written and verbal client consent, Edward preforms chest and or breast massage for post mastectomy, new mothers, postural dysfunctions and if it's requested, to be incorporated into full body, wellness focused, Lomi-Lomi massage sessions.

New Hampshire

Allysa Bedard, LMT, in Merrimack, NH, trained and experienced in prenatal massage, lymph drainage therapy for breast tissue, and more.

New York

Marina Dimicelli, LMT, New York City, NY.  Dasha Enterprises.  Marina is certified in breast massage.


Jasper Moon, CPM, LMT, Portland, OR.  Jasper is a midwife, doula, and massage therapist, who offers pelvic floor manual therapy as well as chest and breast massage. Their clientele are mostly prenatal to postpartum folks, and the queer/ trans community.

Angie Ringwald, LMT, Portland, OR.  Angie serves clients who have chronic pain, injury, anxiety, and those seeking deep relaxation.  She uses lomilomi, yoga and biodynamic craniosacral. She also integrates breast massage into full body wellness massage on request.

south Carolina

Tony Ruggiero, LMT in Greenville, SC provides breast massage for  both general wellness and treatment of conditions.


Kellum Johnson, LMT,  integrates breast massage into full body wellness massage ~ Frisco,Texas

Washington State

  • Eric Bartsch, LMT,  integrates breast massage into full body wellness massage ~ Burlington, WA,  Eric owns Burlington Massage Therapy
  • Jodi Boone, LMT, in Wallingford area of Seattle, WA.  Jodi is an Ayurvedic and yoga practitioner.
  • Gina Cantatore, LMT, CBD (CBI), in Kirklnd, WA at The Gentle Birth Doula Services, Licensed Massage Therapist in Private Practice, Cell: 361-331-8240
  • Hyla Dickinson, LMT in Seattle, WA.  Hyla offers  lymphatic drainage massage therapy.
  • Lynna Dunn, LMT, in Bellingham, WA, uses deep tissue massage and massage cupping to decrease tension, pain, and anxiety. She may include breast/chest massage when treating shoulder, neck, or back pain; breathing restriction due to chronic asthma or bronchitis; or post-surgical pain or scarring in the breast/chest area.  On request, she includes breast/chest massage in full body, stress-reduction sessions. phone/text:425-328-8823.
  • Trish Foss, LMT of Evergreen Ayurveda.  Trish offers full body Ayurvedic treatments which include full chest and breast.
  • Libby Golden, LMT, in Seattle, WA,  is also a doula and Dancing For Birth(TM) instructor.  She provides women with full chest massage as part of pre and postnatal maternal health, general wellness and treatment.  Her private practice is located at the Center for Birth in Eastlake and she also provides in-home maternity massage.
  • Nicole Gonzalez, LMT.  in West Seattle, WA.  206-799-0718. Ayurvedic practitioner.
  • Barbara Helynn Heard, LMT  integrates breast massage into full body wellness massage for all clients who choose this option ~ Seattle, Capitol Hill  area.  She has experience working with clients who have had breast augmentation, breast reductions, mastectomy and other cancer treatments.
  • Karen P. James, LMT in Shoreline, WA. Alexis is experienced with oncology massage, lymphatic drainage, and more.
  • Patricia Jerke, LMT, in Cle Elum, WA.  On request, Patricia offers  breast massage and chest Massage for post mastectomy, postural dysfunction as well as general wellness. 
  • Alexis Kurtzman, LMT in Bellevue, WA. Alexis is certified in oncology massage, and more.
  • Joe Lavin, LMT integrates breast massage into full body wellness massage ~ Seattle, Magnolia  area
  • Aubrey Lesicki, LMT in West Seattle, WA.  Aubrey owns Breast Remedy and focuses her entire practice on treatment of breasts. She also teaches continuing education classes.
  • Jessica Mascher, LMT and Doula, private practice in Seattle.  503-737-8668 
  • Annie Monroe, LMT, in Bellingham, WA.  Annie is a a Vodder trained Combined Decongestive Therapist (CDT) and works with lots of breast cancer patients using Manual Lymphatic Drainage.
  • Martha Read, LMT in Seattle, WA.  Martha specializes in both lymphatic drainage work and pregnancy massage. She integrates breast and chest massage into full body wellness massage and for treatment of related conditions. She also specializes in Watsu Aquatic Bodywork.
  • Rachael Scott, LMT  in Lynnwood. Rachael  offers breast massage treatment for medical issues such as cancer recovery.


Pam Fitchner, RMT, at Sephira Healing, Saskatoon, SK.  Pam is passionate about women's health, especially breast health and education.   She provides breast massage for healthy breasts as well as treatment massage to help with recovery from trauma.


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