would you like to ENHANCE your life
using Hawaiian healing traditions?

Although most of the students in these lomilomi classes are licensed massage professionals, enthusiastic non-professionals interested in developing massage skill to use with friends and family are also invited to participate with prior consent from me.


These workshops not only teach hands on lomi lomi techniques.  Each participant also leaves with a positive life transformational experience.  We offer the experience of being connected with each other and with our planet.

The techniques taught in all of these workshops can effectively be  used by massage therapists working in either a spa or medical environment.  This Hawaiian grounded massage both supports deep relaxation as well as injury prevention and recovery.  We constantly assess our client's tissue seeking specific ways to relieve pain and release restrictions on many levels.   Work deeply without stressing or injuring your own body.

Barbara Helynn Heard is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider.


(full body protocol)

The 27 CE hour Lomilomi Fundamentals workshop is a foundation class. We focus primarily on developing deep yet gentle touch, using body weight, palpation, and strokes that support the circulatory and nervous systems. Clinical thinking is introduced. This workshop establishes groundwork which is built on in the advanced classes.

 In this level 1 class you will:

  • Learn a full body lomi lomi routine
  • Explore ways to use your breath, posture and body weight to deliver effective work which is both deep and gentle, and also easy on the therapist’s body
  • Develop your assessment and palpation skills
  • Study the history of lomi lomi, Hawaiian healing chants, and the concept of ho’oponopono – living in right relationship with all natural things

(Mana Lomi® Level 2: Advanced Lomi Techniques)

The 27 CE hour Lomilomi Advanced Treatment workshop covers advanced techniques that will allow the practitioner to handle most physical problems that may be encountered such as low back pain, neck and shoulder discomfort, golf & tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, pain in the pelvic region, sprained ankles. Specific protocols are taught to treat conditions related to (1) neck, shoulders and arms, (2) back and (3) pelvis and hips and lower extremities. Use of hot towels as hydrotherapy is also taught.

Discussions on ho’oponopono and other related Hawaiian spiritual philosophies will be included, as well as scientific discussion the relationship between muscle spindle fibers, pain receptors & GTO receptors as applied to lomilomi.

Prerequisite: Lomilomi Fundamentals workshop or Mana Lomi level 1 workshop taught by Barbara Helynn Heard.


This 27 CE  workshop teaches a full body protocol using hot stones.  The protocol used mirrors the one taught in the Lomilomi Fundamentals (previously called Mana Lomi level 1) class, integrating the hot stones.  

My teachers tell me that lomi lomi using round, flat stones in motion, have been used in Hawaii for hundreds of years to treat the many levels of healing necessary to help restore balance in the mind-body-soul. Stones are used as an extension of the hands to help better access hard to reach physical restrictions.  The combination of the penetrating heat from the stones with the aligned use of body weight and specific presence and intention is powerful.  It is different than the way hot stones are taught in other hot stones classes that I'm aware of.

Each student will learn how to collect stones using proper protocols, how to heat the stones and control the temperature, and how to clean the stones.

Much attention is given to "transitions" to create consistency through the session. This training is more than just laying of stones onto the patient; it is specific to the individual’s needs as it focuses on problem solving! The more palpatory skill you develop, the more useful stones become.  

This lomi lomi hot stones class may be taken either before or after the Awareness Massage Lomilomi Fundamentals class.  Because they build on each other, taking either one will help you pick up the information in the other more quickly.


In this 4/8 CE hour chair and floor technique workshop you learn ways to help quickly relieve common aches and pains that your family, friends, or patients - may have. These moves are done clothed and either on common chairs or on the floor making them easy to use in any setting.

As in all our classes,each stroke is done with intention to produce specific, measurable, clinical and/or structural results. Is someone’s neck, back or shoulder stiff, stuck or aching, or do they have a headache? Learn techniques that can give relief in just a few minutes.

These are also good techniques to teach your clients to use at home.

Note: I offer both 4 and 8 hour versions of this class.  The 8 hour version simply includes more techniques.

(and wrists & ankles)

In this 8 hour Lomilomi Hands & Feet Treatment workshop you will learn techniques to palpate, release and/or enliven muscles,tendons, ligaments and bones located in the hands, wrists, ankles and feet whose movement has been chronically restricted by:

  • Soft tissue injury such as strains or sprains caused by either a high impact event or by repetitive overuse
  • Damage caused by inadvertently lazy or misaligned posture
  • Various diseases   

This workshop complements the Shoulder Treatment workshop. Taking them back to back is good if scheduling allows.


In this 8 hour Lomilomi Shoulder Treatment workshop you will learn techniques to palpate, release and/or enliven muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones located in the shoulder and related areas whose movement has been chronically restricted by:

  • Soft tissue injury such as strains or sprains caused by either a high impact event or by repetitive overuse
  • Damage caused by inadvertently lazy or misaligned posture
  • Various diseases   

This workshop complements the Lomilomi Hands & Feet Treatment workshop.  Taking  them back to back is good if scheduling allows.


In this class we learn massage to support healthy breathing via massage of the posterior and anterior rib-cage, including the chest and breasts. This massage uses concepts and techniques consistent with those taught in other Awareness Massage Lomilomi classes and is intended to be integrated into a holistic, full body, wellness focused session to help our clients breathe more fully and easily, to relieve their stress and pain, and to increase their ease of movement in both the upper and lower body.

Breast/chest/anterior rib-cage massage is taught with an emphasis on making our touch neutral, safe, pleasant and effective. Students will learn massage techniques which are done with the chest draped and other techniques which are done bare chested/breasted for both men and women. Care is given to directing our pressure to the muscles and ribs located deep to the mammary glands and breast tissue. Special attention is given to establishing professional boundaries in order to create a safe environment for this sensitive work. Indications and contraindications for breast massage are covered as well as legal and ethical issues related to breast massage.

Treating people diagnosed with serious breathing and/or breast tissue problems such as cancer is beyond the scope of this class; additional training is suggested for these conditions.
More than half the class hours are devoted to hands on massage practice. The balance of the time is spent doing body awareness and breathing exercises, and participating in group discussion of the issues specific to breast massage.  massage.

Male students are requested to register together with another person who will partner with them for chest massage practice during the afternoon session. Alternately, male students may bring a non-paying body buddy for the afternoon session who will allow said student to practice on her/his chest both with and without a drape.


This 8 CE hour workshop offers a full day of hands on experience with lomilomi techniques done with the client in the side lying  position. This work is useful for any clients for whom lying prone and supine is challenging, such as pregnant and/or injured clients.  You will also learn some techniques for hips and shoulders which are simply more effective done side lying, even with clients for whom lying prone and supine is easy.     You'll be able to give a simple lomilomi side lying massage by the end of the day.


This 8 CE hour intro to table technique workshop includes hands on experience with several of the techniques,  a demonstration of a full body lomilomi routine and an introduction to the spiritual aspects of this work.  You'll be able to give a simple lomilomi massage by the end of the day.


This 4 CE hour introductory workshop includes a demonstration of both basic and some advanced lomi techniques, an brief introduction to the spiritual aspects of Hawaiian healing arts, and a bodywork trade. Participants get a feel for the deep yet gentle touch used in this work as well as for its clinical orientation.

Discover whether you’d like to study lomi lomi with Awareness Massage in more depth, or simply gain insight to apply to the massage you already practice.


In this 4 CE hour Self-Massage workshop you learn ways to massage yourself to relieve common aches and pains such as headaches and/or stiff or painful joints - neck, back, shoulders, elbows, hips, knees or ankles.  Learn strokes done with your hands, forearms and feet as well as techniques done with balls and other massage tools.  Learn ways to use your breath and increase your body awareness.   You can use the techniques you learn in this class to relieve your own aches and pains.  You can also teach these techniques to your clients to use on themselves between sessions with you.

Because when you give yourself massage you are simultaneously the giver and the receiver, this is a fabulous way to develop your palpation sensitivity.  This class will help you touch others in a way that is both more specific and more subtly perfect.  You'll be more aware of what to look for in their tissues.   And...... expect to have fun in class!!


My vision for each class I teach

The power and effectiveness of a massage has less to do with the specific techniques used, and much to do with attitude and presence of person giving the session, and their quality of touch. 

Students in my classes:

  • further develop their palpation sensitivity and skill
  • increase their presence & awareness in their own bodies
  • watch, give and receive  lomi lomi massage techniques
  • experience a taste of Hawaiian culture
  • sense their own Light, and that of each other person in the class
  • have fun!

In my classes expect to learn to apply pressure using body weight rather than strength, to use gravity to your advantage and to transition from stroke to stroke smoothly.  This helps protect our own backs, shoulders, wrists, thumbs and entire bodies from injuries.  

Expect to learn to to meet, match or modulate as needed, and maintain consistent connection with your  client's body at the level of their bones. Doing this is powerful!  

Expect also to love each and every cell of your own body and your client's body, and to develop intuition which helps you to know by feel what the other needs.