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specific treatment techniques series

I have created these lomi lomi videos with intent to pass on to as many massage therapists as possible the information and skills I have developed over the past 45+ years that I've been giving massage.  In my 60s now, I am committed to helping the next generation of massage therapists develop skills, and thrive.

I self-produced these videos.  A friend and family member helped me film, done mostly in my home.  I did all the editing myself.  Self producing has allowed me to create these videos on a low budget, and make them available for you to learn from.  Please bear with the occasional spots where the lighting or background noise is distracting. 

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Wrist Compression-Traction, 2 minutes

Wrist & Hand Range of Motion, 5+ minutes

Lomilomi & Long strokes on Upper arm, 4+ minutes

Shoulder & Chest Compressions, 6 minutes

Elbow Compressions, 1+ minutes

Triceps Compressions, 3.5 minutes

Levator Scapula Compression-Traction, 8 minutes

Shoulder Range of Motion Exploration, 8 minutes

Buttock Compressions, 7+ minutes

Sacrum Coccyx Compressions, 4+ minutes


Wrist Compression-traction with Client Prone ~ 2 minutes

recorded in 2017


Wrist and Hand Range of Motion with Client Prone ~ 5+ minutes

recorded in 2017


Lomilomi and Long Strokes on the Upper Arm with client Prone ~ 4 minutes

recorded in 2017


Shoulder and Chest Compressions with Client Prone ~ 6 minutes

recorded in 2017


Elbow Compressions with Client Prone ~ 1+ minutes

recorded in 2017


Triceps Compression  with Client Prone ~ 3.5 minutes

recorded in 2017


Levator Scapula Compression-Traction with client prone ~ 8 minutes

recorded in 2017


Shoulder Range of Motion with Client Prone ~ 8 minutes

recorded in 2017

Buttock Compressions - 7+ minutes

recorded in 2017


Sacrum and Coccyx Compressions ~ 4 minutes

recorded in 2017

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