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hooponopono stories from my own life  

Ua mau ke ea o ka 'aina i ka pono.

gils dancing hula on ocean

The very life, breath &
spirit of the land
endures in right relationship
between people, nature & Spirit.

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Part 8-of-9:
ho'oponopono ~ we live in
an auspicious time

The time has come for us all to heal our emotions and to live in grace. When we relate in aloha with others - with wisdom, harmony, gentle strength, humility and patience – our aloha will return to us magnified many times over. Ho'oponopono practices offer us many healing tools to use.
an auspicious time
circle of handsWe live in an auspicious time.  Modern communication and transportation technology is quickly uniting the worldwide myriad of separate countries and cultures into a global community.
indigenous practices hold the key to our survival
As we globalize society, I encourage us all to keep our minds and hearts open. As I see it, the land based indigenous cultures hold the keys to our continued global survival on earth.  

Ho'oponopono concepts and tools, whether from Hawaii or elsewhere, can help us to succeed at keeping our minds and hearts open and establishing peace on earth.

Let's all practice ho'oponopono in some form everyday by doing whatever it takes to be pono.


Barbara Helynn Heard  

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