My lomilomi story, part 2
Barbara Helynn Heard 

My next Hawaiian healing teacher was native Hawaiian Aupuni Iwi’ula of the Kalama Foundation. Born and raised on Kaua’i, he teaches the lomi style of his family. Studying with Aupuni I discovered the power of using visualization and spoken and written words to manifest my heart’s desires.

Aupuni taught me energy based healing meditations and Hawaiian prayers. In his presence I was immersed in Hawaiian culture in a way new to me. Aupuni teaches pre-ali'i, pre-contact spirituality of the Hawaiian Islands. His program is designed so that students study ho'omana, Hawaiian spirituality for more than two years before they are permitted to study Iwi'ula syle Hawaiian bodywork. I completed his ho'omana classes, but did not study Iwiula lomilomi.

prayerIn 2002 I began studying with Kim Hartley at the Heartspire School of Hawaiian Massage in Olympia, Washington and soon began to assist in her classes.

The bodywork Kim teaches is primarily the style we both learned from Shawn Lasalla Kimmell.   From Kim I learned to soften my voice tone and my body language so that I can more gently connect with people.  Also, I enjoy the spoken prayers Kim offers at the beginning of  lomi sessions she gives.

O wau wale no, 

Barbara Helynn Heard

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