lomi lomi movie gallery

Enjoy these videos to get a feel for lomi lomi bodywork - specifically lomilomi as I have learned it over the past 20+ years from several teachers.  My study of Mana Lomi with founder Dr. Maka'ala Yates from 2003-2016 created the primary foundation of my work.

miscellaneous class related videos

Click here to watch me demonstrate basic Awareness Massage Lomilomi with lots of specific commentary.  (38:20 minutes). recorded in 2015

Please watch this videobefore taking the Awareness Massage Lomilomi Foundations class.

This video shows a detailed demonstration of lomi lomi massage.  It includes many specific tips about how to get your weight behind your work in a way which is different than is taught in most massage schools. Due to prior training and experience doing massage, most of my students need to retrain their bodies to successfully do this work.  This retraining requires discipline comparable to learning to drive in traffic on the opposite side of the road than you are accustomed  to, in a car in which the placement of the gas petal and break have been reversed.  It can be tricky before it then becomes natural and easy.

Watching this video before class will facilitate your learning, and will help me to more easily and successfully teach the class.

Thank you for taking the time to watch this video before attending class.

Click here to watch a slide show about the Lomilomi immersion I offer. recorded in 2016 (3:32 minutes)

Click here to watch me demonstrated lomilomi done with hot stones.  recorded in 2014 (20:23 minutes)

This video  ↑ shows me demonstrating a  hot stones session.  (about 20 min).  Watching it before taking the class will facilitate the learning experience, and watching it after class is useful for review. 

basic full body lomilomi demonstration

These videos ↓  show a full body Awareness Massage lomilomi session.  I've created this video for massage therapists to use as review after attending a lomilomi fundamentals class with me.  (Previously called Mana Lomi® level 1)

Click here to watch part 1 & 2: the opening prayer and the back (16:18 minutes)

Click here to watch part 3 & 4: the buttocks and back of legs (11:44 minutes)

Click here to watch part 5: the front of legs and the hip rotations (12:38 minutes)

click here to watch part 6, 7, 8 & 9: the belly, upper chest, neck and heat. (14:22)

Breast and chest massage

 Click here to see "Well Breast Massage 1" - focuses mostly on women
In this video instructor Barbara Helynn demonstrates massage of the chest/breast as she integrates it into holistic, full body, wellness focused sessions for her clients who desire it.  Of course, including breast massage in a session is always optional, following the the choice of the receiver.  The model in this video is female. (3:36 minutes)

Click here to see "Well Breast Massage 2" - focuses on both men & women
This video is similar to the video above.  However, this video shows chest/breast massage as done for both men and women.  (2:38 minutes)


Although the videos in this section were recorded when I was a full time Mana Lomi teacher, most of what I say in these videos applies to the work I continue to do as Awareness Massage Lomilomi. 

Click here to learn about what you can expect to learn in classes with me, and my teaching style. (2:55 minutes)

Click here to learn about what kind of people I help with lomilomi. (4:01 minutes)

Click here to hear me talk about Mana Lomi. (3:41 minutes)

Click here to see more videos on my YouTube page.