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~ Your Healing Stories ~
My site visitors share
their own stories of healing by touch!

healing hands and sun

 Loving touch heals our bodies, minds and spirits. Let's celebrate our healing stories together!!

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Sometimes profound healing happens while giving or receiving massage, whether it is lomilomi or any other style. Many times however, profound healing comes from a simple hand on the back, a hug, or a held hand given in a special way at a time when we are ripe for healing.

When healing by touch occurs, something inside of us shifts allowing a ray of sunshine to break through the clouds. We may be able to move more easily - either physically and/or emotionally. We may be able to breathe more gently and fully. We may feel deep rest after a long period of uneasiness, agitation, pain and/or conflict. Pain may be gone. Disease may leave. We may be able to feel once again after having been numb for a very long time. We may become present with our own love, our own beauty, our own power, our own connection with Source.healing hands in Borneo

Inspire others!
Share your personal story
of healing by loving touch.

Please tell us your own experience of healing via touch - whether you were on the giving or receiving end of this transformative occurrence.

Your story may give hope to someone who has despaired of ever healing. It may open the door for someone who feels lead to be a healer and just needs a gentle nudge to take the next step on this journey.

Your story may also inspire and remind those of us who already professionally practice healing arts that loving touch facilitates healing more than any specific technique.

Thank you for sharing your own story on my website!!

Barbara Helynn

Stories of Healing by Touch
shared by my website visitors

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Story of Healing by Michael Strening
Massage Therapy Saved My Music Career
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Healing Touch Story from James
" I can be a good example for my kids
on how to die well."
I have a favorite client at the moment who greatly humbles me. I am seeing this client on a weekly basis, and he is diagnosed with a disease for which …

Story of Healing Touch by Sheila Brown of RejuvaTouch Massage
"Anointed Hugs"
It is in my spirit to reach out, hold and love those that are emotionally, spiritually injured. I offer my personal experience as a massage therapist, …

Story of Healing by Touch from Jamie:
The Warmth of a Hand Clasping Mine
My husband and I have been connecting over many months now to new habits of communicating with each other. We've been married 27 years so some habits …

Healing Touch Story from Katherine:
Touch Can Help Us To Release Our Sadness
I became severely ill with CFS/ME. The illness took a turn for the worse. I could now not only move very little but my speech became very limited. At the …

Healing Touch Story from Tina:
Please Give Me Peace to Cry
I was giving a massage just the other day to a regular client who called me at the last minute for an appointment. When she arrived, she started crying. …

Healing Touch Story from Lynna Dunn:
A Love Note
I love what I do. I love massage. As an action, it can be both very nurturing and very emptying. And so I try to keep a balance between the two (try to …

Story of Healing Touch from Julie:
She seemed to be a Medium
between my Brother and Me
It was near the March birthday of my brother Dave, who had died prematurely ten years before. My massage therapist asked me if I would like to focus our …

Story of Healing Touch from Julie:
He Placed his Hand on my Scars
I had recently come out of bandages after having an accident that mutilated one of my hands. I was feeling very self conscious about the scars. On …

Story of Healing by Touch from Julie:
Healing from the Pain of Separation
After a separation from my husband I was still feeling raw and lonely. I attended a retirement party for a friend where there was dancing, and I was feeling …

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