Story of Healing Touch by Sheila Brown of RejuvaTouch Massage "Anointed Hugs"

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Story of Healing Touch by Sheila Brown of RejuvaTouch Massage
"Anointed Hugs"

by Sheila Brown
(Texas, USA)

and a miracle happens.....

and a miracle happens.....

It is in my spirit to reach out, hold and love those that are emotionally, spiritually injured.

I offer my personal experience as a massage therapist, as well as being on a prayer team at my church. I have experienced many people who are not accustomed to being touched in a safe way, and thus have developed an aversion to touch. Many times I ask, may I hug you? Often they are shocked but will nod.

Upon hugging them I hold tight, and often they immediately try to draw away. I hold tighter when I feel that the Lord is telling me to... and a miracle happens. They hold me in return, CLING to me in some cases, and begin to weep. I never pull away first. I cannot tell you how many minutes I have stood holding someone. I pray to the Lord to just let me relax and hold them as long as they need me to.

I consider it such a high calling, to have "anointed hugs" as many have told me. Countless people have told me this, people who are in no way connected to one another. Thus I have come to know that this is a calling on my life. I count it as JOY!

I attended a retreat recently and the power of touch was so evident in that place. So many women of all different ages with a need for being held in a safe place with those they trust. Yes, there is power!

Sheila Brown, LMT

NOTE FROM BARBARA HELYNN: Hugs to you Sheila and thank you for sharing your story. I too have experienced the power of hugs to heal at very deep levels. May we all be blessed with hugs!

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