Healing Touch Story from Lynna Dunn: A Love Note

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Healing Touch Story from Lynna Dunn:
A Love Note

by Lynna L. Dunn
(Shoreline, WA, USA)

healing touch

healing touch

I love what I do. I love massage. As an action, it can be both very nurturing and very emptying. And so I try to keep a balance between the two (try to pour out healing and good intention, without pouring myself hollow). Still, I work for employers, and I work very hard, with many massages, many people?s needs, back-to-back. And there are days when the eyes in the palms of my hands get dim. I wonder if my touch is really "touching" my clients.

I have found that my saving grace on such days comes often through little "love notes" from clients. Written on everything from pretty cards to post-it notes, they let me know that, yes, my touch was healing. Yes, I was in the right place at the right time. One of my favorites came just last week from a client I saw only once by chance, and may never see again:

Thank you for today's massage. I spent all morning at the hospital with my grandma who is dying. This was just what I needed to be refreshed enough to go back tomorrow morning and be with her again. I am very grateful.

I could very easily identify with this woman, having sat several times at the bedside of a fading elderly loved-one. To me, hospitals generally stink of anger and fear and helplessness, not to mention death. I've disliked them since childhood, having had touch there that was definitely not healing, but terrifying. And even being in one briefly has been known to set off a panic attack. Add that to losing a loved one, and I can hardly think of a worse place to be. So I was happy that I could somehow make this time more bearable for her.

But what's most amazing to me is that I had no idea that I was a part of this kind of healing at the time I was physically touching my client. The client did not say a word about her day, or even talk much at all. And yet, without knowing or trying - just with my touch and a strong general desire to help her feel better - I became a part of her story of healing. And then, because I was flooded with gratitude and good energy on that rather empty day, she became a part of mine.

Lynna works at this business (2010)

Bothell Chiropractic and Wellness
10024 Main Street
Suite 2C
Bothell, WA 98011
(425) 485-1413

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