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Classes for Individuals, Friends and Couples

A Healer in Every Family

Class Descriptions
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Learn massage to use with family and friends in Massage Classes for Fun!  My personal mission is to help every family include at least one healer. Might that be you?  

These special massage classes which are offered for everyday folks are great for birthdays, anniversaries, dates for any special occasion, or just to treat yourself and/or your friends and loved ones.  

People with a sincere desire to learn are welcome to participate.  No previous massage experience is necessary.  Come on your own, or come with a partner.

The massage classes will be hands on experiences in which you will give and receive safe, warm touch which feels good, relieves stress, and helps keep us all healthy.  With the rush and stress in our many of our daily lives, massage is a wonderful way to slow down and reconnect with family, friends and loved ones. Massage is also a good way to connect with our own sense of self.   

You will learn basic massage skills which you can use over and over again for the rest of your life to support healing and create pleasure.  

The style of massage I practice and teach is deep and yet also gentle, and very enjoyable!!  This style of massage, called Mana Lomi®, is from Hawaii.  Mana Lomi® is clinically focused to relieve pain and movement restriction while also being spiritually grounded; we learn to use compassionate, loving touch.  Mana Lomi® feels wonderful to both give and to receive.


You'll love these massage classes if any of these statements describe you:
  • You give and/or receive massage from friends, family and/or loved one and sometimes get frustrated because it doesn't feel as good as you think it could and should.
  • You wish to learn massage for use with family and friends and do not want to make massage a career.seated shoulder massage
  • You wish to learn massage without the 500 hour time commitment and $10,000 (and up) expense of massage school.
  • You want to enter the massage profession but are not sure if  you like giving massage to others. This is a perfect way to experience it on a small scale before making the larger commitment.
  • You want to receive massage for a low cost.  
  • You are a massage professional who has been out of the field for awhile and want to ease your way back in. These are great refresher courses.
  • You are at least 18 years old.  (While giving and receiving massage is indeed also beneficial for younger people, I limit these classes to those 18 and older to avoid potential problematic cross generational  situations.)
  • You've taken my classes once and wish to learn more. 


a healer in every family - painting by Barbara Helynn Heard Individuals, friends and couples are all welcome to attend this class.  

Learn ways to help quickly relieve common aches and pains that your family, friends or partners may have while working in common settings with no special massage equipment, These massage techniques are done clothed and either on common chairs or on the floor, without oil or lotion, making them easy to use in any setting. Massage someone in your living room, your kitchen, your office, at the kid's soccer game, at your church retreat, or almost anywhere else!    

Do quick 5 minute massages which are easy to integrate into your everyday home life.  Alternately, use  this massage to give  longer sessions ~ take your time and luxuriate for half hour or more.  

Is someone’s neck, back or shoulder stiff, stuck or aching, do their hands or feet ache or do they have a headache? Learn massage that can give relief in just a few minutes.

Or perhaps you just wish to give massage for pure enjoyment and pleasure; this massage is good for that too.

I teach a variety of different techniques each session.  Repeat the class to both reinforce what you've learned the first time around, and also learn other new techniques.  There are endless ways to massage a clothed person without any special equipment!

In this class you will both give and receive a stress releasing and wonderfully enjoyable massage. The massage is done on a massage table, with massage cream directly on the skin as shown in the photo.  We also use strokes which are done through the sheets.

lomi - forearem up backGiving massage on a massage table is a great way to give a longer session because it allows the person giving the massage to use their body weight rather than their muscular strength.  You will learn to use your body weight to create a soft yet deep touch that feels really good while you maintain your stamina as well as your focus.  

Will you be nude?  No.  You will be professionally and modestly draped at all times.

Massage tables will be provided.

If you wish to learn a more extensive full body session on the table, after attending this class you may join one of the 3 day classes I also teach.  

The workshop is open to couples or individuals.  

Would you prefer to learn in a private massage class?  This option is available for any two people: couples, family members, or friends.  Contact me here to schedule a private 3 hour class for two people at my Capitol Hill office. Cost is $150.

schedule of MASSAGE for FUN classes

Individual and couples are both invited to register for these classes.
The classes are open to both lay people and professional massage therapists.
time location class
Sun Feb 2 11am - 3pm North Seattle self massage (learn to give massage to yourself)
Sun Feb 2 4-8 pm North Seattle table massage
Sun Apr 27 11am - 3pm North Seattle table massage
Sun Apr 27 4-8 pm North Seattle chair/floor massage
I will honor expired Amazon Local vouchers in these classes.  


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West Seattle: Northwest Academy of Healing Arts
    2707 California Ave SW Ste 201, Seattle

North Seattle: Standing Stones Healing and Arts Center
    943 N 89th St.Seattle WA 98103

Captitol Hill: in a private home, close to 18th St and East Madison


Refund Policy
Class fee is non-refundable.  However, the fee may be transferred to another massage class within the next 4 months if you email me your intent to withdraw from the class  72 hours prior to class.

Massage Class Start Time
Doors open for class 15 minutes before the scheduled start time.  Please aim to be early to make sure you are on time. We want you to be in the classes you register for!!
Babara Helynn Heard, LMP

Barbara Helynn HeardMy name is Barbara Helynn Heard.  I have been a licensed massage practitioner with an active private practice since I graduated from Brian Utting School of Massage in 1996 I've taught lomilomi (Hawaiian massage) since 2006.

I love teaching massage classes. In my teaching I emphasize body awareness, use of one's weight, development of keen palpation skills and the use of the creative power of the words. My intent as a teacher is to see the Light in each person and to help each student to be and to do their very best.

WA massage license # MA 00009734

Read more about me here.

What students say about
 classes with Barbara Helynn 

YiAn dance jumping I have received over 10 massages from Barbara. Her work is the best I've experienced. She truly has refined her craft down to a science as well as to an art form.

Also I studied in two courses taught by Barbara. Her instruction and feedback on technique is specific and very easy to follow. I made great strides in my work following my study with her, and other students I spoke with had similar experiences.

I attribute the high quality of her work to her careful attention to detail as well as her pure enjoyment of massage and teaching. I highly recommend you experience both massage from her as well as her wonderful massage courses.

YiAn Quach

manager in a restaurant
NYC, NY and Seattle, WA ~2013
 collage - swan

" Your love of Mana Lomi® and the respect you have for all the previous teachers of Lomi Lomi is so palpable. 

I really valued the many suggestions you offered for not only checking in with one's own posture, breath and thoughts, but ways the giver/therapist could offer these tips to the receiver/client.

It is a joy to watch you teach.  I feel you were meant to be a teacher.  Thank you for including me with the professional group. "

Terrie Johnston, community outreach officer   with the Seattle Police Dept 
 massage enthusiast  ~ 2010  

collage - dancer
" Lessons with you and your massage class have really helped me develop my core teaching philosophy which is solution oriented. A shift in perception from what we lack to what we have that is strong and amazing while still working toward balance.  You are an amazing person and a blessing to have in my life."
Jessica, Townes-Camara  
Pilates instructor in Seattle, WA
~ 2010

Mahalo (Thank you) everyone for your kind words and your support!!

Barbara Helynn Heard

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