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Mahalo!  Thank you very much offering your book review on my website.  Having several reviews of each book is juicy for everyone!  Future visitors thank you, too.

Please know that I accept only original material. 

I review every contribution and reserve the right to edit for spelling, grammar and to ensure that all content is a good fit for my site. I aim to get your review online as soon as possible, usually within a few days of receiving it.  Very ocassionally - when I am away from my computer - I take longer.

I will notify you by e-mail you when your contribution is accepted for the site.  

E malama pono ~ take good care.

Barbara Helynn Heard

PS  If your email address on the form is accidently entered incorrectly I'll be unable to contact you.   If you haven't heard from me within a week, please email me.

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