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A Hawaiian Nation 1: Man, Gods, and Nature
by Micahel Kioni Dudley

Barbara Helynn's recommendation:

cover of Man, Gods and Nature by DudleyA hawaiian Nation 1: Man Gods and Nature by Michael Kioni Dudley touched me and opened my mind.   I was deeply touched by the author's description of the relationship between people, nature and Spirit.  I 'got' the experience of relating to beings in nature just as I relate to people. I 'got' the feel of plants, animals and elements being conscious beings.. Because of this book I now experience plants in a special, personal way.  

Over a period of several years I had to re-start reading this 150 page  book several times  before I could get through the description near the beginning of the book of the Hawaiian view of the Universe.  As a  Westerner who was raised visualizing our earth as round, and as a person who has difficulty with spacial directions like left and right, I was totally lost by his spacial descriptions of the Hawaiian view of the universe.  

    • Margaret Machado, lomilomi massage master
    • Lanakila Brandt, priest of Lono
    • Kawika Ka'alakea, minitster, herbal medicine practitioner
    • Lydia Namahana Mai'oho,  kahu of Royal Mausoleum
    • Charley Keau, archaelologist
    • Winona Beamer, Hawaiian Studies teacher, hula master
    • Kekuni Blaisdell, MD,  physician, sovereignty advocate
    • Kepeka Chandler, community organizer
    • Elaine Kaopuiki,  communicty activist, hula master
    • George Na'ope,  hula master
    • John Lake  chanter, hula master, Hawaiian Studies teacher
    • Edith McKinzie,  genealogy expert, professor of Hawaiian studies.
    • Kindy Sproat, falsetto singer
    • Puanana Van Dorpe, master kapa cloth maker
    • Marie McDonald, lei making expert, author
    • Elizabeth Lee, maser lau hala weaver
    • Jo-Anne Kahanamoku Sterling, crew member of Hokule'a, feather artist
    • Leon Paoa Sterling, captain of Hokule'a, man of the sea
    • Herb Kane, artist, historian
    • Nainoa Thompson, navigator
    • Keola Sequeira, wood carver, canoe maker

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