Hawaiian 60 day natural
colon cleanse & detox program

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The Indigenous Botanicals 60 Day Hawaiian Cleansing & Detox Program is a unique and effective colon cleanse program that has been successfully used for over fifteen years.  It has helped thousands of people improve their health by giving them a strong foundation and it is based on traditional indigenous Hawaiian healing principles. The herbal formulations have been combined synergistic ally by hand and include Hawaiian and non Hawaiian herbs. They provide healing and nutritional support for your body as it goes through the detoxification process.

Maka'ala's proprietary colon powder mixThe herbal formulations used in the Hawaiian Cleansing Detoxification Program took Dr. Maka’ala Yates, D.C. over thirty years to perfect. This program is based on years of clinical experience and indigenous Hawaiian traditional wisdom. 

This colon cleanse product is hand prepared using either organic or wild crafted herbs.

What's in the Indigenous Botanicals

Colon Cleanse Powder?

The main proprietary blend ingredients listed alphabetically are: alfalfa, beet, burdock, barley, activated charcoal, carrot, cascara sagrada, nioi, chlorella, niu, coriander, fenugreek, ginger, papaya, goat whey, grape seed, hyssop, kelp, marshmallow, noni, ‘olena, oat straw, olive leaf, psyllium, rose hips, rosemary, trifala, wheatgrass, lots of love.

What's in the Indigenous Botanicals
parasite elimination tincture?

The main proprietary blend ingredients listed alphabetically
are: Black walnut, cloves, fennugreek seed, fennel, ohelo, comfrey root, garlic, gentian, hyssop, oregano, peppermint, slippery elm, thyme, ‘olena, wormwood, noni, pumpkin seed, distilled water, alcohol, lots of love.

the program process

  • on day 1 & day 31: drink a Hawaiian seawater mixture to flush colon
  • daily for 60 days: take colon powder mixed with liquid morning and evening
  • daily for 60 days: take a dropper full of parasite elimination tincture
  • daily for 60 days (and beyond if desired): take 3-4 oz morning cocktail drink of the seawater formula to help alkalize the body and replenish minerals
  • twice weekly: bath with special detox bath powder
  • Guidelines for what to eat during the program are provided in the “Ideal Health Manual”

Expect to feel energized and transformed
after completing the program!!!

What's included in the package?

60 day supply colon cleansing product
  • 2-20 ounce dropper bottle of parasite elimination tincture
  • 1-20 ounce packet of detox bath formula
  • 1-8 ounce packet of Hawaiian alaea sea salt
  • 1-Ideal Health Manual
  • 1-booklet guide
  • ½ hour private consultation with Dr. Yates during the program via telephone or email

for more information and to order

Go to  Indigenous Botanicals website, (www.indigenousbotanicals.net), call (541) 301-2896.