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My lomilomi massage sessions run 90-120 minutes and include a full body massage, with emphasis on areas needing attention. You are usually on the table for about 90 minutes. The remaining 30 minutes is split between a conversational check-in when you arrive and a leisurely transition when the massage is complete.


  • With payment at time of service, the price is $100.
  • For first time clients, the price is $85.
  • Occasionally I see people on a sliding scale.

Do I accept insurance?

Yes, I accept:

  • auto insurance
  • workmen’s compensation
  • health insurance that either (1) does not use a provider network system or which (2) covers out-of-network providers. Note that companies that cover out-of-network providers often reimburse these providers at a lower rate than they use to reimburse in-network-providers.  

I have successfully billed these companies in the past:

    • Aetna – city of Seattle employees
    • First Choice Health Administrators – Swedish Hospital
    • Premera Blue Cross – Seattle School district

No, I don't accept insurance from companies that only reimburse in-network providers. I am not a member of any insurance networks.

How do I pay with insurance?

  • I call your insurance provider to confirm whether they cover out-of-network providers, what your deductible and co-pay are, if there are limitations to coverage and whether they require a prescription.
  • I give you a massage.
  • If your deductible has not yet been met, you pay me in full at time of service.
  • If you have a co-pay, you pay that at time of service.
  • I bill your insurance company for the balance of the charge and they pay me directly.  If the insurance company refusew payment for any reason, you are responsible to pay me the amount due.

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